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2 9 6 NUCĘ, GWIŻDŻĘ SOBIE Dorota Miśkiewicz
3 3 10 WE LET HER DOWN Chris Isaak
4 6 12 BULLETS Archive
5 2 8 A GIFT Basia
6 11 4 HAZEL Junior Boys
7 4 7 CHODŹ, PRZYTUL, PRZEBACZ Andrzej Piaseczny
9 7 8 JESZCZE RAZ Patrycja Markowska
10 8 6 TOY COLLECTION Katie Melua
11 17 5 IT'S AMAZING Jem
12 27 2 TWO SILVER TREES Calexico
15 14 5 DECEMBER BOYS Peter Cincotti
16 13 10 PARALLEL LINES Junior Boys
17 23 4 THE SHOW Lenka
18 18 12 OMEN The Prodigy
19 15 10 THE FEAR Lily Allen
21 24 4 JESTEM JAK MOTYL Andrzej Grabowski
22 34 2 HEAVY CROSS Gossip
23 19 11 FOREVER Live
24 20 9 WRONG Depeche Mode
25 22 7 UNDERGROUND Armia
26 31 3 AFRICA Chris DeBurgh
27 - 1 THE WAY IT USED TO BE Pet Shop Boys
29 21 6 TIME AFTER TIME Ronan Keating
30 28 2 IF THERE'S A ROCKET TIE ME TO IT Snow Patrol
31 32 3 KARDAMON I PIEPRZ Mikromusic
32 37 2 CARELESS WHISPER Seether
33 39 2 KULT OKULARA Big Fat Mama
34 40 2 NA PUSTYNI Anna Stępniewska
35 - 1 WE ARE THE PEOPLE Empire Of The Sun
36 33 2 ROLL ON JJ Cale
37 35 23 TALONS Bloc Party
38 - 1 NIEJASNOŚCI Gabriela Kulka
39 25 3 NOSZĘ SPODNIE KIEDY CHCĘ Kayah & Borysewicz
40 30 19 BETTER Guns N' Roses
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1 8 2 DID YOU SEE ME COMING? Pet Shop Boys
2 10 3 THE WAY IT USED TO BE Pet Shop Boys
3 9 7 IT'S AMAZING Jem
5 4 14 BULLETS Archive
6 2 8 NUCĘ, GWIŻDŻĘ SOBIE Dorota Miśkiewicz
7 11 4 TWO SILVER TREES Calexico
8 3 6 HAZEL Junior Boys
9 5 10 A GIFT Basia
10 6 12 WE LET HER DOWN Chris Isaak
12 14 6 THE SHOW Lenka
14 19 6 JESTEM JAK MOTYL Andrzej Grabowski
15 7 9 CHODŹ, PRZYTUL, PRZEBACZ Andrzej Piaseczny
16 21 5 AFRICA Chris DeBurgh
17 23 4 HEAVY CROSS Gossip
18 30 2 STREET OF DREAMS Guns N' Roses
20 31 3 NIEJASNOŚCI Gabriela Kulka
21 27 4 KULT OKULARA Big Fat Mama
22 28 4 NA PUSTYNI Anna Stępniewska
23 22 4 CARELESS WHISPER Seether
24 20 14 OMEN The Prodigy
25 18 8 TOY COLLECTION Katie Melua
26 15 7 DECEMBER BOYS Peter Cincotti
28 17 10 JESZCZE RAZ Patrycja Markowska
29 33 3 WE ARE THE PEOPLE Empire Of The Sun
30 25 12 THE FEAR Lily Allen
31 40 2 FOREIGN LAND Eskimo Joe
32 36 2 DANIEL Bat For Lashes
34 - 1 FIRE Kasabian
35 24 12 PARALLEL LINES Junior Boys
37 29 9 UNDERGROUND Armia
39 37 25 TALONS Bloc Party
40 32 13 FOREVER Live
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1 1 3 DID YOU SEE ME COMING? Pet Shop Boys
2 2 4 THE WAY IT USED TO BE Pet Shop Boys
3 7 5 TWO SILVER TREES Calexico
5 5 15 BULLETS Archive
6 3 8 IT'S AMAZING Jem
7 6 9 NUCĘ, GWIŻDŻĘ SOBIE Dorota Miśkiewicz
8 8 7 HAZEL Junior Boys
9 14 7 JESTEM JAK MOTYL Andrzej Grabowski
10 16 6 AFRICA Chris DeBurgh
11 18 3 STREET OF DREAMS Guns N' Roses
12 20 4 NIEJASNOŚCI Gabriela Kulka
13 17 5 HEAVY CROSS Gossip
14 9 11 A GIFT Basia
16 10 13 WE LET HER DOWN Chris Isaak
18 15 10 CHODŹ, PRZYTUL, PRZEBACZ Andrzej Piaseczny
19 22 5 NA PUSTYNI Anna Stępniewska
20 23 5 CARELESS WHISPER Seether
22 21 5 KULT OKULARA Big Fat Mama
24 - 1 ROCKETS Simple Minds
25 29 4 WE ARE THE PEOPLE Empire Of The Sun
26 32 3 DANIEL Bat For Lashes
27 31 3 FOREIGN LAND Eskimo Joe
28 34 2 FIRE Kasabian
29 - 1 THIS WAY Michelle Branch
30 12 7 THE SHOW Lenka
32 24 15 OMEN The Prodigy
33 38 2 EH EH (NOTHING ELSE I CAN SAY) Lady Gaga
34 - 1 KINULI Skryabin
35 - 1 KASIA Blenders
36 25 9 TOY COLLECTION Katie Melua
37 30 13 THE FEAR Lily Allen
38 28 11 JESZCZE RAZ Patrycja Markowska
39 39 26 TALONS Bloc Party
40 - 1 ELECTRIC LIGHT Infernal
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2 2 7 A GIFT Basia
3 3 9 WE LET HER DOWN Chris Isaak
4 4 6 CHODŹ, PRZYTUL, PRZEBACZ Andrzej Piaseczny
6 6 11 BULLETS Archive
7 13 7 JESZCZE RAZ Patrycja Markowska
8 20 5 TOY COLLECTION Katie Melua
9 18 5 NUCĘ, GWIŻDŻĘ SOBIE Dorota Miśkiewicz
11 20 3 HAZEL Junior Boys
13 9 9 PARALLEL LINES Junior Boys
14 23 4 DECEMBER BOYS Peter Cincotti
15 7 9 THE FEAR Lily Allen
17 27 4 IT'S AMAZING Jem
18 11 11 OMEN The Prodigy
19 15 10 FOREVER Live
20 8 8 WRONG Depeche Mode
21 24 5 TIME AFTER TIME Ronan Keating
22 16 6 UNDERGROUND Armia
23 29 3 THE SHOW Lenka
24 31 3 JESTEM JAK MOTYL Andrzej Grabowski
25 36 2 NOSZĘ SPODNIE KIEDY CHCĘ Kayah & Borysewicz
27 - 1 TWO SILVER TREES Calexico
29 17 9 APELLE MON NUMERO Mylene Farmer
30 25 18 BETTER Guns N' Roses
31 38 2 AFRICA Chris DeBurgh
32 37 2 KARDAMON I PIEPRZ Mikromusic
33 - 1 ROLL ON JJ Cale
34 - 1 HEAVY CROSS Gossip
35 35 22 TALONS Bloc Party
36 16 12 RAIN ON YOUR PARADE Duffy
38 30 15 SPACEMAN The Killers
39 - 1 KULT OKULARA Big Fat Mama
40 - 1 NA PUSTYNI Anna Stępniewska
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2 2 7 NUCĘ, GWIŻDŻĘ SOBIE Dorota Miśkiewicz
3 6 5 HAZEL Junior Boys
4 4 13 BULLETS Archive
5 5 9 A GIFT Basia
6 3 11 WE LET HER DOWN Chris Isaak
7 7 8 CHODŹ, PRZYTUL, PRZEBACZ Andrzej Piaseczny
8 - 1 DID YOU SEE ME COMING? Pet Shop Boys
9 11 6 IT'S AMAZING Jem
10 27 2 THE WAY IT USED TO BE Pet Shop Boys
11 12 3 TWO SILVER TREES Calexico
14 17 5 THE SHOW Lenka
15 15 6 DECEMBER BOYS Peter Cincotti
17 9 9 JESZCZE RAZ Patrycja Markowska
18 10 7 TOY COLLECTION Katie Melua
19 21 5 JESTEM JAK MOTYL Andrzej Grabowski
20 18 13 OMEN The Prodigy
21 26 4 AFRICA Chris DeBurgh
22 32 3 CARELESS WHISPER Seether
23 22 3 HEAVY CROSS Gossip
24 16 11 PARALLEL LINES Junior Boys
25 19 11 THE FEAR Lily Allen
27 33 3 KULT OKULARA Big Fat Mama
28 34 3 NA PUSTYNI Anna Stępniewska
29 25 8 UNDERGROUND Armia
30 - 1 STREET OF DREAMS Guns N' Roses
31 38 2 NIEJASNOŚCI Gabriela Kulka
32 23 12 FOREVER Live
33 35 2 WE ARE THE PEOPLE Empire Of The Sun
34 24 10 WRONG Depeche Mode
36 - 1 DANIEL Bat For Lashes
37 37 24 TALONS Bloc Party
38 29 7 TIME AFTER TIME Ronan Keating
40 - 1 FOREIGN LAND Eskimo Joe
  Twenty-Five Album/DVD *reviewed* by Ronan Keating (The Sun)
There's a good review in the 'Ticket' section of the Mirror too.

Of course, should I find the inclination, I may type it up.

Or to be honest. Take a photo and load it up.

Oh thanks for the tip, it's


GEORGE MICHAEL - Twenty Five 4/5

The Mirror

A quarter of a century since George Michael emerged in Wham!, he is more newsworthy and controversial than ever. Yet no matter how many times he falls asleep in his car or is caught with his pants down, the real reason for the continued interest is spread across this sumptuous collection. Available as either a two or three-CD set and celebrating 25 often troubled years in the music business, it underlines a singular talent.

No one from George’s generation has crossed the divide from youthful playfulness (Wake Me Up Before You Go Go) to wounded maturity (Older) so convincingly. And no one has bridged the divide between peerless mass market smoochers (Careless Whisper) and inventive cutting edge pop (Spinning The Wheel) with such ease.

Back in the day when he and Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley were drinking at the Club Tropicana and shoving shuttlecocks down their too-tight shorts, a long-term career for George seemed unlikely. But he has stuck to his artistic guns, projecting inner trials and experience through his songwriting, riding out both the triumphs – endless plaudits, awards and the admiration of his musical heroes – and tragedy in the form of the deaths of his mother and Latin lover Anselmo Feleppa.

This silver jubilee album, the second retrospective of his career, may be a holding operation, a chance to remind listeners of his glorious past before the bottom completely falls out of the CD market.

But when your past includes soulful masterpieces as deftly constructed as Father Figure, it’s worth revisiting. That song, channelling the spirit of Marvin Gaye right down to the tenderly overdubbed vocal tracks, may be George’s masterpiece.

But just as salutary is Shoot The Dog, his Gulf War Bush-Blair putdown. When it was released in 2002, everyone from Noel Gallagher to right-wing commentators ridiculed him for daring to dip his toe in political matters.

While Paul McCartney – present here on a new recording of Heal The Pain – and Neil Young released songs in support of the war, George was fearlessly outspoken, combining humour and insight in a wry, irreverent attack.

The tune may not be a career highlight, but the spirit behind it guides the best music on this album. Long may it flourish.
  [ADDED] Bruce Springsteen - Devils & Dust [Rock]
Bruce Springsteen - Devils & Dust

Genre : Rock
Year : 2005
Releaser : zouhair
Quality : Q5

Download : ed2k://|file|Bruce_Springsteen_-_Devils_&_Dust_-_[EAC.MPC.Q5]_-_by_zouhair_-_[].rar|61038981|FDC50399985B62B2479372FE7C7420F9|h=BU2TGE2QS75EXQOIOBZYEW7SVRXDDA7Y|/

Every decade or so, Bruce Springsteen releases a somber album of narrative songs, character sketches, and folk tunes -- records that play not like rock & roll, but rather as a collection of short stories.
Nebraska, released in the fall of 1982 during the rise of Reagan's America, was the first of these, with the brooding The Ghost of Tom Joad following in 1995, in the thick of the Clinton administration but before the heady boom days of the late '90s.
At the midpoint of George W. Bush's administration, Springsteen released Devils & Dust, another collection of story songs that would seem on the surface to be a companion to Nebraska and Ghost, but in actuality is quite a different record than either.
While the characters that roam through Devils & Dust are similarly heartbroken, desperate, and downtrodden, they're far removed from the criminals and renegades of Nebraska, and the album doesn't have the political immediacy of Ghost's latter-day Woody Guthrie-styled tales -- themes that tied together those two albums. Here, the songs and stories are loosely connected.
Several are set in the West, some are despairing, some have signs of hope, a couple are even sweet and light. Springsteen's writing is similarly varied, occasionally hearkening back to the spare, dusty prose of Nebraska, but often it's densely composed, assured, and evocative, written as if the songs were meant to be read aloud, not sung.
But the key to Devils & Dust, and why it's his strongest record in a long time, is that the music is as vivid and varied as the words. Unlike the meditative, monochromatic The Ghost of Tom Joad, this has different shades of color, so somber epics like "The Hitter" or the sad, lonely "Reno" are balanced by the lighter "Long Time Comin'," "Maria's Bed," and "All I'm Thinkin' About," while the moodier "Black Cowboys" and "Devils & Dust" are enhanced by subtly cinematic productions.
It results in a record that's far removed in feel from the stark, haunting Nebraska, but on a song-for-song level, it's nearly as strong, since its stories linger in the imagination as long as the ones from that 1982 masterpiece (and they stick around longer than those from Ghost, as well).
Devils & Dust is also concise and precisely constructed, two things the otherwise excellent 2002 comeback The Rising was not, and that sharp focus helps make this the leanest, artiest, and simply best Springsteen record in many years.

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine (

Tracks :

1. Devils & Dust [4:59]
2. All The Way Home [3:38]
3. Reno [4:08]
4. Long Time Comin' [4:17]
5. Black Cowboys [4:09]
6. Maria'S Bed [5:35]
7. Silver Palomino [3:22]
8. Jesus Was An Only Son [2:54]
9. Leah [3:31]
10. The Hitter [5:53]
11. All I'M Thinkin' About [4:23]
12. Matamoros Banks [4:00]

  (OT)MSP odwolani :((

Chciałabym jednak znać szczegóły. Czarno na białym, co i jak i dlaczego.
jak więcej osób przeczyta...

wyjasnienie miejskiej legendy za

Claim:   Michael Jackson owns the rights to the Beatles' songs.
Status:   Mostly true.

Origins:   This is one of those items which is primarily true, but the
answer needs to be heavily qualified in order to avoid being misleading.

First off, when we talk about someone owning the "rights" to songs, what
we're discussing are publishing rights. Typically, songwriters assign the
publishing rights for their songs to music publishing companies, who perform
a number of marketing and promotional services to generate revenue for the
songwriters they represent:

  a.. Exploitation: One of the more important functions of song publishers
is "plugging" songs -- getting artists interested in recording a
songwriter's work. Your song doesn't make any money if nobody uses it, and
song plugging was an especially important aspect of the publishing business
prior to the 1960s, when many songwriters were not also performers and
primarily supplied tunes for other singers.

  b.. Licensing: Music publishers also administer the granting and
collection of royalties for various types of licenses:

    a.. Mechanical licenses: Songwriters receive royalties whenever someone
sells recorded versions of their songs. If a songwriter records his own
work, he receives royalties from his record label; if someone else records a
cover version of his song, the songwriter receives royalties from that
artist's record label.

    b.. Synchronization licenses: Songwriters receive royalties when their
songs are sychronized to visual images, typically for use in films,
television programs, and commercials.

    c.. Print licenses: Songwriters receive royalties for the sale of their
songs in printed form, generally either as sheet music or entries in
songbooks. Publishers who wish to quote or include song lyrics in a printed
work must also obtain permission (and negotiate fees) with whoever holds the
publishing rights to those songs.

    d.. Performing rights licenses: Songwriters receive royalties when their
songs are performed live for profit or broadcast on the radio, although
these licenses are usually administered by performing rights societies such
as ASCAP or BMI rather than publishing companies themselves.
The key point here is that holding the publishing rights to songs doesn't
really give the rightsholder much  "power" over those songs. The
rightsholder has some latitude in negotiating royalty rates and determining
who may use a song in film or print its lyrics, but that's about it. The
chief benefit to owning the publishing rights of songs is that standard
publishing agreements call for royalties to be split 50-50 between the
publisher and the songwriter(s), so owning the publishing rights to popular
songs can be a lucrative form of income.

The Beatles assigned their publishing rights to Northern Songs, a company
created by Beatles manager Brian Epstein and music publisher Dick James in
1963. The Beatles (particularly John Lennon and Paul McCartney) were soon
earning so much money from songwriting royalties, record sales, concert
performances, and merchandise licensing that they were losing over 90% of
their income in taxes, and they were advised to find a way of receiving
their revenue in the form of capital gains rather than income (the former
being taxed at a much lower rate), such as selling their song rights or
putting their money into a public company. The Beatles opted for the latter
route, and Northern Songs went public on the London Stock Exchange in 1965.
Initially, Lennon and McCartney each retained 15% of the shares, George
Harrison and Ringo Starr held 1.6% between them, Brian Epstein's NEMS
company was assigned 7.5%, and Dick James and Charles Silver (Northern
Songs' chairman) retained a total of 37.5%. In 1969, however, the Beatles
lost a buyout bid for control of Northern Songs when Dick James and Charles
Silver sold their share of the company to Sir Lew Grade, head of Associated
Television Corporation (ATV).

In 1984, ATV's 4,000-song music catalog was put up for sale, and Michael
Jackson (who had coincidentally been introduced to the benefits of song
ownership by Paul McCartney himself) eventually outbid all other prospective
buyers for it, including Paul McCartney, who wanted to buy back the rights
to the Beatles' songs but was apparently unable or unwilling to raise enough
money to pay for the thousands of other songs in the ATV catalog as well.
So, for $47.5 million, Jackson acquired the publishing rights to most of the
Beatles songs. (The four songs issued on the Beatles' first two singles --
"Love Me Do" b/w "P.S. I Love You" and "Please Please Me" b/w "Ask Me
Why" -- were not part of the package since they were published before the
formation of Northern Songs, and the rights to those songs are now
controlled by McCartney's MPL Communications. ATV also did not own the
rights to George Harrison songs published after Harrison's songwriting
contract with Northern Songs expired in 1968, but they did hold the rights
to various other Lennon-McCartney songs not recorded by the Beatles.)

Another key point here is that although Michael Jackson receives 50% of the
royalties generated by Beatles songs by virtue of his ownership of the
publishing rights, Paul McCartney and John Lennon (and Lennon's estate, now
that he's dead) have always received their 50% songwriter's share of the
royalties for all Lennon-McCartney songs. Neither ATV's nor Michael
Jackson's acquisition of Northern Songs changed that, and Michael Jackson
does not now receive royalties that would otherwise be going to the Beatles
had he not acquired the publishing rights to their songs (except that,
obviously, if Paul McCartney had managed to outbid Jackson for the
publishing rights to the Beatles catalog, he and Lennon's estate would be
splitting 100% of the royalties rather than 50%).

As a closing note, we should mention that Sony Corp. paid Michael Jackson
$95 million in 1995 to merge ATV with Sony and form Sony/ATV Music
Publishing, a 50-50 joint venture, so it's probably more correct to say that
Jackson now owns half the rights to the Beatles catalog.

  "300" na czele nominacji do Saturnów
Akademia Science Fiction, Fantasy i Horroru ogłosiła nominacje do swoich dorocznych nagród. Te bardzo ciekawe wyróżnienia przyznane zostaną już po raz 34. Ich laureatami są twórcy filmów, których raczej trudno znaleźć wśród głównych oscarowych kategorii. Za to są to zawsze tytuły bardzo dobrze kojarzone przez widzów. Na czele nominacji do Saturnów "300", film Zacka Snydera który niedawno czytelnicy Stopklatki uhonorowali Internetową Nagrodą Filmową za najlepszą produkcję 2007 roku.

Akademia swoją doroczną nagrodę za całokształt twórczości im. George'a Pala wręczy Guillermo del Toro a specjalne wyróżnienie otrzyma Tim Lucas autor książki "Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark".

"300" otrzymał aż 10 nominacji do Saturnów. 9 nominacji powędrowało do autorów "Harry'ego Pottera i Zakonu Feniksa", zaś 8 nominacji otrzymał "Sweeney Todd - demoniczny golibroda z Fleet Street". Po 4 nominacje zdobyły w tym roku: "Złoty kompas", "Piraci z Karaibów: Na krańcu świata" i "Spider-Man 3". Filmy "Ultimatum Bourne'a, "Eastern Promises", "Zaczarowana", "Grindhouse", "Mgła", "To nie jest kraj dla starych ludzi" oraz "Aż poleje się krew" mają nominacji po 3.

Studio Paramount Pictures zdobyło najwięcej nominacji, bo aż 22 (jako Paramount, DreamWorks/Paramount i Paramount Vantage). Warner Bros. zdobył 21 nominacji, Buena Vista ma tych nominacji 10, Sony Pictures otrzymało 9 nominacji, Weinstein Co. ma 8 nominacji, a New Line Cinema 6.

W kategoriach telewizyjnych najwięcej nominacji (7) otrzymał serial "Lost: Zagubieni". 5 nominacji zdobył "Dexter" a 4 "Herosi".

Lista nominacji:

Cloverfield/Projekt: Monster
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer/Fantastyczna czwórka: Narodziny Srebrnego Surfera
I Am Legend/Jestem legendą
The Last Mimzy/Mimzy: mapa czasu
Sunshine/W stronę słońca

The Golden Compass/Złoty kompas
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix/Harry Potter i Zakon Feniksa
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End/Piraci z Karaibów: Na krańcu świata
Spider-Man 3
Stardust/Gwiezdny pył

30 Days of Night/30 dni nocy
Ghost Rider
The Mist/Mgła
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street/Sweeney Todd - demoniczny golibroda z Fleet Street

3:10 to Yuma/3:10 do Yumy
The Bourne Ultimatum/Ultimatum Bourne'a
Live Free or Die Hard/Szklana pułapka 4.0
No Country for Old Men/To nie jest kraj dla starych ludzi
There Will Be Blood/Aż poleje się krew

Black Book/Czarna księga
Day Watch/Straż dzienna
Eastern Promises
Goya's Ghosts/Duchy Goi
The Orphanage/Sierociniec

Meet the Robinsons/Rodzinka Robinsonów
Shrek the Third/Shrek Trzeci
The Simpsons Movie/Simpsonowie - wersja kinowa
Surf's Up/Na fali

Gerard Butler - 300
John Cusack - 1408
Daniel Day-Lewis - There Will Be Blood
Johnny Depp - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Viggo Mortensen - Eastern Promises
Will Smith - I Am Legend

Amy Adams - Enchanted
Ashley Judd - Bug
Helena Bonham Carter - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Naomi Watts - Eastern Promises
Belen Rueda - The Orphanage
Carice van Houten - Black Book

Javier Bardem - No Country for Old Men
Ben Foster - 3:10 to Yuma
James Franco - Spider-Man 3
Justin Long - Live Free or Die Hard
Alan Rickman - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
David Wenham - 300

Lizzy Caplan - Cloverfield
Marcia Gay Harden - The Mist
Lena Headey - 300
Rose McGowan - Grindhouse: Planet Terror
Michelle Pfeiffer - Stardust
Imelda Staunton - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Alex Etel - The Water Horse
Freddie Higmore - August Rush
Josh Hutcherson - Bridge to Terabithia
Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Dakota Blue Richards - The Golden Compass
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn - The Last Mimzy

Tim Burton - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Frank Darabont - The Mist
Paul Greengrass - The Bourne Ultimatum
Sam Raimi - Spider-Man 3
Zack Snyder - 300
David Yates - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Roger Avary, Neil Gaiman - Beowulf
Brad Bird - Ratatouille
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen- No Country for Old Men
Michael Goldenberg - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Michael Gordon, Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad - 300
John Logan - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Tyler Bates - 300
Jonny Greenwood - There Will Be Blood
Nicholas Hooper - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Mark Mancina - August Rush
Alan Menken - Enchanted
John Powell - The Bourne Ultimatum

Colleen Atwood - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Ruth Myers - The Golden Compass
Penny Rose - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Sammy Sheldon - Stardust
Jany Temime - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Michael Wilkinson - 300

Howard Berger, Greg Nicotero, Jake Garber - Grindhouse - Planet Terror
Nick Dudman, Amanda Knight - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Davina Lamont - 30 Days of Night
Ve Neill, Martin Samuel - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Peter Owen, Ivana Primorac - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Shaun Smith, Mark Rappaport - 300

Tim Burke, John Richardson, Paul Franklin, Greg Butler - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Scott Farrar, Scott Benza, Russell Earl, John Frazier - Transformers
Michael Fink, Bill Westenhofer, Ben Morris, Trevor Wood - The Golden Compass
John Knoll, Hal Hickel, Charles Gibson, John Frazier - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Scott Stokdyk, Peter Nofz, Spencer Cook, John R. Frazier - Spider-Man 3
Chris Watts, Grant Freckelton, Derek Wentworth, Daniel Leduc - 300


Pushing Daisies
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Battlestar Galactica
Stargate SG-1
The Closer
Kyle XY
Saving Grace

Battlestar Galactica: Razor
The Company
The Family Guy: “Blue Harvest"
Masters of Science Fiction
Shrek the Halls
Tin Man

Doctor Who
Meadowlands (aka Cape Wrath)
Life On Mars
Robin Hood

Matt Dallas - Kyle XY
Matthew Fox - Lost
Michael C. Hall - Dexter
Kevin McKidd - Journeyman
Edward James Olmos - Battlestar Galactica
Lee Pace - Pushing Daisies

Anna Friel - Pushing Daisies
Lena Headey - Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Ghost Whisperer
Holly Hunter - Saving Grace
Evangeline Lily - Lost
Kyra Sedgwick - The Closer

Michael Emerson - Lost
Greg Grunberg - Heroes
Josh Holloway - Lost
Erik King - Dexter
Terry O'Quinn - Lost
Masi Oka - Heroes

Jaime Alexander - Kyle XY
Jennifer Carpenter - Dexter
Summer Glau - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Elizabeth Mitchell - Lost
Jaime Murray - Dexter
Hayden Panettiere - Heroes


Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (remix)
The Man From Earth
The Nines
White Noise 2

Big (Extended Edition)
Blade Runner (5 Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (30th Anniversary - Blu Ray)
Death Proof (Grindhouse Presentation: Extended & Unrated)
Pan's Labyrinth (Platinum Series)
Troy: Director's Cut (Ultimate Collector's Edition)

The Dark Crystal
Flash Gordon
The Monster Squad
Witchfinder General

The Godzilla Collection
The Mario Bava Collection (Vol. 1 & 2)
The Sergio Leone Anthology
The Sonny Chiba Collection
Stanley Kubrick (Warner Home Video Directors Series)
Vincent Price (MGM Scream Legends Collection)

Eureka (Season 1)
Heroes (Season 1)
Hustle (Complete Seasons 2 and 3)
Lost (The Complete Third Season)
MI:5 (Volumes 4 & 5)
Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (Volume 1: The Early Years)
Count Dracula (BBC Mini-series 1977)
Land of the Giants (The Full Series)
Mission Impossible (The Second and Third Seasons)
Twin Peaks (The Definitive Gold Box Edition)
The Wild Wild West (The Second and Third Seasons)

Saturny przyznane zostaną 24 czerwca.
  [SPIS] camel
1000 - ... się przyjęło!!!
12 ławek
1z2- Nic co ludzkie
2 Pac - Me Against The World
2 Pac & Outlawz- Still I Rise
2 Pac- Maximum 2 Pac
2 Pac- Ressurection
2 Pac- The Rose That Grew From Concrete
2 Pac- Until The End of Time
2Cztery7- Funk Dla Smaku
2pac - Nu Mix Klazzics
3 Doors Down- Away From The Sun
3 Doors Down- Seventeen Days
50 Cent- Get Rich Or Die Tryin`
50 Cent- The Massacre
76 studio - Mroz
8 Mile - Soundtrack
Abradab - Emisja Spalin
Abradab- Czerwony Album
Ace Of Base- Singles Of The 90`s
Afront - A mialo byc tak pieknie
Afront - Coraz Gorzej
Afu Ra - Promo Album
Akon - Konvicted
Akon- Trouble
Akurat - Fantasmagorie
Ali G- Soundtrack
Alice Deejay- Who Needs Guitar Anyway
Alicia Keys- The Diary Of Alicia Keys
AliciaKeys- Unplugged
Alien Ant Farm- truANT
Alliance Ethink- Simple & Funky
Analogia - To co w Nas drzemie
Analogia- Esencja Czysta
Anastacia- Not That Kind
Ania - Kilka Historii Na Ten Sam Temat
Aro- Co Go Nie Znają
Aro- Disstrofia
Art Of Beatbox
Ascetoholix - A
Ascetoholix - Nazwij to Sam
Ascetoholix- Adsum
Ascetoholix- Apogeum
ASD- Wer Hatte Das Gedaht
Ashanti - Ashanti
Ashanti- Concrete Rose
ATB - Addicted To Music
ATB - No Silence
ATB- Deticated
ATB- Movin Melodies
ATB- Seven Years
ATB- The DJ 3 In The Mix
ATB- Two Worlds
Ateny 2004- Soundtrack
Avril Lavigne- Let Go
B.U.G. Mafia- Dupa Blocuri
Baby Bash- Super Saucy
Baby Bash- The Smokin Nephew
Bad Boys Blue- Back
Bajm- Mysli I Slowa
Bajm- Szklanka Wody
Banach- Wu-Wei
Beastie Boys- To The 5 Boroughs
Bentbentley- Bentskul
Berner Banan - Bez Fikcji
Bez Cenzury- Klasyk
Big Daddy Kane - Its A Big Daddy Thing
Big L - Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
Bla- Bla- W Pracowni Slowa I Dzwieku
Blabla- Dobra Bla Noc EP
Black Eyed Peas- Elephunk
Black Eyed Peas- Monkey Bussinues
Blokersi- Soundtrack
Bloodhound Gang- Hooray for boobies
Blu Cantrell- Bittersweet
Blue Cafe- Demi Sec
Bob Marley- Babylone by bus
Bob Marley- bob marley and the wailers africa unite
Bob Marley- Bob Marley and The Wailers Love Light Shining
Bob Marley- Burnin'
Bob Marley- Catch a fire
Bob Marley- Confrontation
Bob Marley- Exodus
Bob Marley- Greatest Hits 2001
Bob Marley- Kaya
Bob Marley- Live
Bob Marley- Natty Dread
Bob Marley- Rastaman Vibration
Bob Marley- Rebel music
Bob Marley- Survival
Bob Marley- Talkin'blues
Bob Marley- Uprising
Bob Sinclar - Western Dream
Bomfunk Mc`s- Burnin Sneakers
Bomfunk Mc`s- Reverse Psychology
Bomfunk Mc`s- Uprocking Beats
Bon Jovi- Bounce
Bon Jovi- Crush
Bon Jovi- Have A Nice Day
Bon Jovi- One Wild Night Live1985- 2001
Borixon - Zacieram Rece Dzieciak
Borixon- Mam Pięć Gram
Borixon- Rap Daje Mi Sile
Borixon- WYP 3 Kolejna Czesc
Borysewicz i Kukiz
Bow Wow- Wanted
Brand Nubian - Everything Is Everything
Britney Spears- Oops I did it again
Brx Żurom Stachu Stah Liroy - Studio 2002-2003
BSB- Backstreets Back
Bubba Sparxxx - Deliverance
Bubba Sparxxx- The Charm
Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang
Busta Rhymes- Genesis
Busta Rymes - Anarchy
Cam Ron- Purple Haze
Canibus- Mind Control
Cassie - Cassie
Chamilionaire- The Sound of Revenge
Chingy - Hoodstar
Chingy- Jackpot
Chlopaki Z Szarego Tłumu- Wbrew Regułom
Chylińska- Winna
Ciara- Goodies
Coldplay - After After Before
Coldplay- A Rush of Blood to the Head
Coldplay- Parachutes
Coldplay- X & Y
Coldplay- X & Y Live
Coma- Pierwsze Wyjscie Z Mroku
Coma- Zaprzepaszczone Sily Wielkiej Armii
Common- Can I Borrow A Dollar
Common- Electric Circus
Crazy Town- Darkhorse
Crazy Town- The Gift Of Game
Creed- Wheathered
Cuba Libre 2006
Cypress Hill- Black Sunday
Cypress Hill- Stoned Raiders
Cypress Hill- Till Death Do Us Apart
Czarny Piatek Vol.1
Czas Surferow- Soundtrack
D-12- D- 12 World
D-12- Devils Night
Da Group-Źle Postrzegasz Nasz Świat
Danity Kane - Danity Kane
Danzel - The Name of the Jam
David Hasselhoff- The Very Best Of
Def Squad- Def Squad Presents Erick Onasis
Deluks JWP Intoksynator- Północ Centrum Południe
Destiny`s Child- Survivor
Destiny`s Child- Destiny Fulfilled
Destinys Child- #1's
Deszczu Strugi - Prosto Mixtape
Disco Polo
Dizkret praktik- IQ
DJ 600 V- 600 C
DJ 600 V- Szejsetkilovolt
DJ 600 V- Wkurwione Bity
DJ 600V-
DJ 600V - Na Bitach Historia Polskiego Hip Hopu cz 1
DJ 600V - Na Bitach Historia Polskiego Hip Hopu cz 2
DJ 600V - Na Bitach Historia Polskiego Hip Hopu cz 3
DJ 600V- Produkcja Hip Hop
DJ 600V- Style- Operacja Zrob To Glosniej
DJ Bobo- Level 6
DJ Buhh- Wolumin I Hałas
DJ Buhh- Wolumin II George W. Buhh
DJ Buhh- Wolumin III Buhhmacher
DJ Decks - Mixtape vol. 1
DJ Decks - Mixtape vol. 2
DJ Decks - Mixtape Vol. 3
DJ Drama and Pharrell - In My Mind The Preque
DJ Haem- Atomistyka
DKA - Stawiam Sobie Pomnik
DKA- Debiut
DKA- Król Aniołów
Dla Siebie I Dla Swoich- Ponad Zyskami
DMX - Flesh of my flesh, blood of my
DMX- Grand Champ
DMX- Its Dark and Hell is Hot
DMX- The Great Depression
DMX- Year Of The Dog Again
DNA GAL - Niewidzialni
Domel- To Co Wiarygodne
Don Guralesko- Drewnianej Malpy Rock
Don Guralesko- Opowiesci Z Beyonowego Lasu
DonGuralesko & DJ Kostek- Jointy, konserwy, muzyka bez przerwy
Doniu- Monologimuzyka
Dr. Dre- 2001
Dre - The Trunk
Dreadsquad - Wysoca Temperatura
Dreadsquad- Dread Za Dreadem
Dreadsquad- Raggamafia Mixtape vol.2 Grosik
Dream Theater - A Change Of The Seasons
Dream Theater - Awake
Dream Theater - Images And Words
Dream Theater - When Dream And Day Unite
Dream Theatre - Falling Into Infinity
Drowning Pool- Sinner
Duze P IGS DJ Spox- Sinus
Dymosz - Witam
Eamon- I Dont Want You Back
Ego-Nie ma takiego drugiego
Eiffel 65- Europop
Eis - Gdzie Jest Eis
Ekspres- Więcej Stylu
Eldo - Opowiesc O Tym Co Tu Dzieje Sie Naprawde
Eldo- Eternia
Eldoka - Mędrcy z kosmosu Singiel
Electric Rudeboyz
Emade - Album Producencki
EmEs PeesWu - Z ulic Marszu
Eminem - Curtain Call
Eminem - Off The Wall
Eminem - The Re Up
Eminem- Dont Call Me Marshall
Eminem- Eminem Show
Eminem- Encore
Eminem- Marshall Mathers
Endefis- Byc Albo Nie Byc
EPMD - Business Never Personal
Esenuzet - Towar To Sprawdzony Maksymalnie Czysty
Eudezet Allstars- Mixtape vol.2
Europe- The Final Countdown
Evah- Evah
Evenescense- Fallen
Everlast - Forever Everlasting
Everlast- Eat At Whitey's
Everlast- White Trash Beautiful
Fabolous- Real Talk
Familia HP
Fat Joe- Don Cartagena
Fatboy Slim- Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars
Fenomen- Efekt
Fenomen- EP
Fenomen- Sam Na Sam
FIFA 2005- Soundtrack
Fisz & Envee - Kryminalny bluez
Fisz Emade - Piatek 13
Fisz Envee - Kreciol
Fisz Envee- Fru
Fisz Feat. Emade- Jako Tworzywo Sztuczne
Fisz- Na Wylot
Fisz- Polepione Dzwieki
Five- Invincible
Fler - Neue Deutsche Welle
Fler - Trendsetter
Flexxip - Flexxip
Flexxip- Fach
Flipsyde - We The People
Flying Steps
Fort Minor- The Rising Tied
Frankie J - The one
Fu - Wrodzony Instynkt
Fu- Futurum
Fu- N.O.C.C
Fugees - The score
G- Unit- Beg For Mercy
Gang Starr-Moment Of Truth
Gangstar- Manifest Destiny
Gangstarr - Daily Operation
Gentleman- Confidence
Gentleman- Journey To Jah
Gigi D`agostino- Lamour Toujours
Gigi D`agostino- Silence
Good Charlote- The Young & The Hopeless
Gorillaz- Demon Days
Gorrilaz- Gorrilaz
Gosia Andrzejewicz - Lustro
Gosia Andrzejewicz - Plus
GP WU Don't Do Against The Grain'
Grabaż i Ręce Do Góry- Live 1987
Grammatik (Eldo) - Blend rmx
Grammatik- 3
Grammatik- Ep +
Grammatik- Reaktywacja
Grammatik- Swiatla Miasta
Grand Puba - Reel To Reel
Green Day- American Idiot
Groove Coverage- Covergirl
Grupa Moc Arta
GTW- Kodex 2- Suplement
Guano Apes- Dont Give Me Names
Guano Apes- Walking On Thin Line
Gwen Stefani- Love, Angel, Music, Baby
Habakuk- 4 Life
Habakuk- Mniam! Mniam!
Habakuk- Muzyka slowo liczba kolor
Hardkorowe Brzmienie - Mamy to co chcemy
Hary & Sova - 2w1
Hemp Gru- Klucz
HIM- And Love Said No
HIM- Love Metal
HIM- Razor Blade Romance
Hip- Hop Rasizm Stop
Hiphopole - 2004
Hoobastank - The Reason
How High- Soundtrack
Ice Cube - Laugh Now, Cry Later
IGS - Garaże
Igs- Na Klucz
Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself
Indios Bravos - Part One
Indios Bravos- Mental Revolution
Intoksynator-Wielkie Hity
J. Lo- On The 6
J. Lo- This Is Me...Then
J.Lo- Rebrith
Ja Rule- Exodus
Ja Rule- Pain Is Love
Ja Rule- R.U.L.E
Jamal- Rewolucje
James Blunt - Back To Bedlam
Jay- Z- Blueprint
Jay- Z- Blueprint II
Jay- Z- Roc La Familia - 2000
Jay- Z- The Black Album
Jay-Z & Linkin Park- Collision Course
Jay-Z & Notorious BIG - The Commission
Jeden Osiem L- Sluchowisko
Jeden Osiem L- Wideoteka
Jest Nas Wielu
Jin- Presents The Emcees Properganda
Juelz Santana- What The Games Been Missing
Juras Wigor - Wysokie Loty
K- Maro- La Good Life
K`ucer - Cisza
Kabaret Tey- Ostry Dyżur
Kacta - Feniks
Kali - Kali
Kaliber 44- 3 44
Kaliber 44- Ksiega Tajermnicza Prolog
Kaliber 44- W 63 Minuty Dookoła Swiata
Kanye West- Late Registration
Karramba - Rock Vatos Locos
Kasta- Kastaniety
Kasta- Kastatomy
Kate Ryan- Different
Kayne West- College Dropout
Kid Rock- Cocky
Kid Rock- The History Of Rock
Klimat - Rap Wraca Do Parku
Knocturnal- The Way I Am
Kombi- c.d
Kopruch- Plan B
Korn - Follow The Lider
Korn - Greatest hits vol 1
Korn - Issues
Korn - Korn
Korn- Life Is Peachy
Korn- Take A Look In The Mirror
Korn- Untouchables
Kosheen- Resist
Kriss Kross -Totally Krossed Out
Kukuz I Piersi- Piracka Plyta
Kula- Re- produkcja
Lady Pank- Teraz
Lady Pank- The Best Of
Lerek - Dla dobrych ziomów
Lerek- Bo Bez Ciebie EP
Liber- Bógmacher
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys- Crunk Juice
Lil Jon And The Eastside Boys- Kings Of Crunk
Lil Kim - The Naked Truth
Limp Bizkit- Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavoured Water
Limp Bizkit- Greatest Hitz
Limp Bizkit- New Old Songs
Limp Bizkit- Results May Very
Limp Bizkit- Significant Other
Limp Bizkit- The Rare And The Remixes
Limp Bizkit- The Unquestionable Truth Part 1
Limp Bizkit- Three Dollar Bill Yall
Linkin Park - Project Revolution Remixes
Linkin Park- Greatest Hits
Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory
Linkin Park- Live In Texas
Linkin Park- Meteora
Linkin Park- Re- Animation
Linkin Park- Splitting The DNA
Linkin Park- Under Attack (B-Sides)
Linkin Park- Underground 4.0
Linkin Park- Underground v4.0
Liroy - Alboom
Liroy - L Nino Vol. 1
Liroy- 10
Liroy- Bestseller
Liroy- Dzien Szakala Baffangoo cz.2
LL Cool J- The Definition
LL Cool J- Todd Smith
Ludacris- Chicken & Beer
Ludacris- The Red Light Discrict
Łona- Koniec Żartow
Łona- Nic Dziwnego
Łona- Nie Słuchać Przed 2050 r
Łódzcy Rezydenci - Łódzcy Rezydenci
Madonna- Confessions On A Dance Floor
Madonna- Music
Magiera L.A.- Kodex
Magiera L.A.- Kodex 2 Proces
Mal- Chishnik - Pena
Malolat I Ajron- W Pogoni Za Lepszej Jakkosci Zyciem
Mandaryna- Mandarynkowy Sen
Maria Carey- The Emancipation of Mimi
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi
Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age of Grotesque
Mario - Turning Point
Mario Winans- Hurt No More
Maroon 5- Songs About Jane
Mary J. Blige- Love & Life
Mary J.Blige- The Breakthrough
Massey - Czuły szumu dotyk
Massey- Nowa Jakosc
Matrix - OST
Matrix Reaktywacja
Mattafix - Signs of a struggle
Medi Top, Glon - Nieznośny Luz Bycia
Metallica- St. Anger
Method Man
Method Man - The Day After
Method Man- Tical O The Prequel
Mezo- Mezokracja
Mezo Taab - Eudaimonia
Mezo Tabb- Wyjscie Z Blokow
Michael Jackson- Invincible
Michael Suby- The Butterfly Effect OST
Michal Urbaniak - Urbanator
Michal Urbaniak- Urbanator
Mission Impossible 2
Missy Elliot- Missy E..So Addictive
Missy Elliot- The Cookbook
Missy Elliott - Respect Me
Missy Elliott- This Is Not A Test
Mleko- Ogolne Tematy
Mlody PSN - Prosty Styl Nawijania
Mobb Deep- Amerikaz Nightmare
Mobb Deep- Infamy
Mobb Deep- The infamous
Moby - Hotel
Modenist - Explosion
Molesta - Ewenement
Molesta - Skandal
Molesta - Taka płyta
Molesta Ewenement - Nigdy Nie Mow Nigdy
Molesta Ewenement- Radio 5 G FM
Monika Brodka
Monika Brodka - Moje Piosenki
Mor W.A. - Te Slowa mowia wszystko
Mor W.A.- Dla Słuchaczy
Mos Def- Black On Both Sides
Music Instructor- Electro City
Nagły Atak Spawacza - Rap I Gwałt
Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead
Nas - Illmatic 10th Anniversary Platinum Edition
Nas - Streets of NY
Nas- Illmatic
Nas- Stillmatic
Nas- Streets Disciple
Nas- The Lost Tapes
Natural Dread Killaz - Killaz Album
Natural Dread Killaz - Naturalnie
Nelly- Country Grammar
Nelly Furtado - Loose
Nelly- Suit
Nelly- Sweat
NFS Underground 2- Soundtrack
NFS Underground- Soundtrack
Nickelback - All The Right Reasons
Nickelback- Silver Side Up
Nike Showdown- Soundtrack
Nitty - Players Paradise
Nivea - Complicated
No Bo Tak- FUNKcjonuje
Noon DJ Twister- Vision
Notorious B.I.G- Born Again
Nowator- Alfabetyczny Spis
Numer Raz & DJ Zero- Muzyka, Bloki, Skręty
Numer Raz DJ Abdool - Mixtape
NWA- Straight Outta Compton
Obie Trice - Cheers
Obie Trice- Second Round's On Me
Oboz Ta- Oboz Ta
Obóz Ta- Obó2 Ta
Olsen & Fu- Kameleon
Omarion- O
ONA- Mrok
Onar & Oska- Superelaks
Onar I Oska- Tamte Prywatki
Onar I Ośka- Wszystko Co Moge Miec
Onar- Osobiście
OOMPH- Wahrheit Oder Pflicht
Ortega Cartel - Podziemne Disco
Oska- Kompilacja
Oska- Kompilacja 2
Oska- O$ka Przez $ Jak
OSTR - Grzech Za Grzech Vinyl
OSTR - Koncertowo
OSTR - Live In Lublin
OSTR - Trojka 09-12-2004
OSTR- 30 Minut Z Zycia...100% Freestyle
OSTR- Jazz W Wolnych Chwilach
OSTR- Jazzurekcja
OSTR- Masz To Jak W Banku
OSTR- Ostatnia Szansa Tego Rapu
OSTR- Saturator (demo)
OSTR- Tabasko
OSWP - To się nie zmienia
Outkast - Stankonia
Outkast- Idlewild
Outkast- Speakerboxx The Love Below
Outlandish- Beats, Rhymes & Life
Owal Emcedwa- Epizod II Rapnastyk
Owal Emcedwa- Epizod III Wirus
P. Diddy
P.Diddy - Press Play
Pakito - Video
Paktofonika- Archiwum Kinematografi
Paktofonika- Kinematografia
Paktofonika- Pozegnalny koncert
Pandemonium Rap 2006
PanieCoPan- Chwila Relaksu
Papa Roach- Infest
Papa Roach- Lovehatetragedy
Papa Roach- Old Friends from Young Years
Patr00- Random Note
Peel Motyff- Siec
Peja - Fturujac
Peja- Najlepsza Obrona Jest Atak
Peja Slumms Attack- Na Legalu
Peja Slums Attack - Szacunek Ludzi Ulicy
Peja- Uliczne Historie
Pelson- Sensi
Perfect- 1977-1991
Perfect 1981 - 1989
Perfect- Symfonicznie
Pezet Noon - Muzyka Klasyczna Special Ed
Pezet Noon- Muzyka Klasyczna
Pezet Noon- Muzyka Poważna
Pfaffendorf- Dance City
Pharrell - In My Mind
PHHR- Made In Lodz
Piec Dwa Debiec- P- N VI
Pih- Krew, Pot i Lzy
Pijani Powietrzem- Zawieszeni W Czasie I Przestrzeni
Pink Floyd- Echoes- The Best Of Pink Floyd
Pink- Missundaztood
Piotr Rubik- Rubikon
Plomien 81 - Na Zawsze Bedzie Plonal
Płomień 81 - Historie z Sąsiedztwa
Płomień 81- Nasze Dni
POD- Payable On Death
POD- Satellite
POD- Testify
POE- Szum Rodzi Hałas
Pokahontaz - Receptura
Pokahontaz - Receptura +
Pono - Robie co chcę Singiel
Pono- Hołd
Pono- Tak To Widze
Praktik - Dobra Czestotliwosc
Proceente- Znaki Zapytania
Ptaky- Ptaky
Puddle Of Mudd- Come Clean
PWRD- PierWsza RunDa
PWRD - PraWda leży po śRoDku
Queen - A Day At The Races
Queen - A Kind Of Magic
Queen - A Night At The Opera
Queen - At The BBC
Queen - Flash Gordon
Queen - Hot Space
Queen - Innuendo
Queen - Jazz
Queen - Live At Wembley 86
Queen - Live Killers
Queen - Live Magic
Queen - Made In Heaven
Queen - News Of The World
Queen - Queen
Queen - Queen II
Queen - Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl
Queen - Queen Talks
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack
Queen - The 1991 Hollywood Records Bonus Tracks
Queen - The BBC Sessions
Queen - The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
Queen - The Game
Queen - The Miracle
Queen - The Rarities
Queen - The Works
Queen - We Are The Champions - Final Live In Japan
Queen - We Will Rock You Montreal 81
Queen- 1991 Greatest Hits II
R Kelly- Remix City Volume 1
R. Kelly
R. Kelly- Tp3 Reloaded
R.Kelly- Happy People U Saved Me
Radio Zet- Tylko Wielkie Ballady
Radio Zet- Tylko Wielkie Przeboje Na Lato
Radio Zet- Tylko Wielkie Przeboje Nie Tylko Na Karnawal
Raekwon- Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
Rahim- Eksperyment Psycho
Rakim- The 18th Letter Book Of Life
Rakim- The Master
Ramona 23 & Dj Soina - Western
Ramona 23 & Kowal - Western 2
Raptile- Classic Material
Raptile- Mozez
Raz Dwa Trzy - Trudno nie wierzyc w nic
Rbk Hip Hop Tour 2005- U Ciebie W Miescie 2
Rbk Hip Hop Tour 2006
Red & Spinache- 7 Rano
Redman & Gilla House- Ill At Will Mixtape vol.2
Redman- Ill at Will Mixtape vol.1
Reni Jusis- Era Renifera
Republika - Najlepesze z Najlepszych
RHCP- By The Way
RHCP- Californication
Rick Ross - Port Of Miami
Rihanna - A Girl Like Me
Rihanna- Music Of The Sun
Road Hip Hop 2005 - Legale
Road Hip Hop 2005 - Nielegale
Road To Hip Hop 2004
Romeo Must Die- OST
Rymoplastykon- Z Wod Baltyku
Safri Duo- 3.0
Sash- Trilenium
Savage Garden- Affirmation
Scooter - And The Beat Goes On
Scooter - Back To The Heavyweight Jam
Scooter - Mind The Gap (De-Luxe Version)
Scooter - The Stadium Techno Experience
Scooter - Wicked!
Sean Paul - Let's get high
Sean Paul - Trinity
Sean Paul- Dutty Rock
Selena- All My Hits- Todos Mis Exitos
Shaggy- Clothes Drop
Sidney Polak- Sidney Polak
Siedem Łez - 2+2=7
Sistars- AEIOU
Sistars- EP
Sistars- Siła Sióstr
Skazani Na Sukcezz - Chomicz
Skazani Na Sukcezz- Na Linii Ognia
Ski Sład- Wspólne Zadanie
Slums Attack - Slums Attack
Slums Attack- Zwykla Codziennosc
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg - Tha Blue Carpet Treatment
Snoop Dogg - The Best Of Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg- Doggy Style
Snoop Dogg- Doggy Style Hits
Snoop Dogg- Rhytm & Gangsta The Masterpiece
Snoop Dogg- Tha Last Meal
Snoop Dogg- Welcome To Tha House
Sofa- Many Stylez
Sonique- Hear My Cry
Sony Pyskaty Skurwiel- Skazani na sukces
Souacz Park
Soundkail - Racaille Sound Systeme
Spec- Pyk
Spice Girls- Spice World
SPM - When Devils Strike
Staind- 14 Shades Of Grey
Staind- Break The Cycle
Sting - Best Ballads
StrachuRoomX - Mix i Tejp
Subtelny Bezczel - Duet
Sweet Noise- Czas Ludzi Cienia
Sweet Noise- Revolta
Swintuch - Swintuch
Sylver - Nighttime Calls
Sylver- Little Things
System Of a Down- Toxicity
Szybcy I Wsciekli- Soundtrack
Szybki Szmal - Mixtape 2005
Szymon Wydra & Carpde Diem - Bezczas
Szymon Wydra & Carpe Diem- Teraz Wiem
Ślepy - Blend za blendem
T.I.- King
Tatu- 200 No Povstrechnoy
Tatu- Dangerous And Moving
Team Prosto - Prosto Tour Warszawa - Live
Tede - Esende Mylffon
Tede DJ Macu- Wypijmy Za Blendy
Tede- Hajs Hajs Hajs
Tede- Notes
Tede- S.P.O.R.T
Teka- Chce Wiec Potrafie
Ten Typ Mes- Alkopoligamia Zapiski Typa
The Best Of 80
The Best Of 90
The Bloodhound Gang- Hefty Fine
The Chemical Brothers- Push the Button
The Fugees - Besides
The Fugees - Blunted on Reality
The Game - Doctors Advocate
The Game - Untold Story Vol 2
The Game- The Documentary
The Game- The Documentary Special Edition
The History Of Hip Hop
The Notorious B.I.G. Duets- The Final Chapter
The Offspring- Americana
The Offspring- Conspiracy Of One
The Offspring- Splinter
The Pussycat Dolls- PCD
The Rasmus- Dead Letters
The Rasmus- Hide From The Sun
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
The Rock Collection- Rock Stars
The Roots - Home Grown The Beginners Guide To Understanding The Roots Vol 1
The Roots- Game Theory
The Roots- Tipping Point
The Streets - Original Pirate Material
The Streets - The Hardest Way To Make an Easy Living
The Streets-A Grand Don't Come For Free
THS Klika - Liryka Chodnika
TLC- Fanmail
Trzeci Wymiar - Inni Niz Wszyscy
Trzeci Wymiar- 4 Pory Rapu
Twista - The Day After
Twista- Kamikaze
Tworzywo Sztuczne - Wielki Ciezki Slon
Tworzywo Sztuczne- Na Rzywo W Mozgu
Tylko Mnie Kochaj- OST
Tymon- Zmyslow 5
Usher- Confessions
V- Deka- Contrast
VA - Camey studio vol.5
Vavamuffin - Dubang
Vavamuffin - Vabank
Verba - Dwudziesty pierwszy listopada
Verba- Osmy Marca
Vienio & Pele - Autentyk
Vienio & Pele - Autentyk 2
Vienio & Pele - Autentyk 3
Virgin- Bimbo
Visnia Kaz - W Efekcie Wspolpracy
W Witrynach Odbicia - Jeszcze Będzie Czas SP
Waco - Sampler vol.1
Waco- Świeży Materiał
Warszafski Deszcz - Nastukafszy
Warszafski Deszcz - Reminiscencje
Wdowa - Braggacadabra
Whitney Houston- My Love Is Your Love
Wilki- Watra
Will Smith
Will Smith - Lost And Found
Within Temptation- Mother Earth
Wlodi- W
Włodi- Jak Nowonarodzony
WSP- Wspólnicy
Wsz Cne - Jeszcze Raz
Wsz Cne - Te - Rap - Ja
Wu- Tang Clan - Iron flag
Wu Tang Clan- Killa Bees- The Swam
Wu- Tang Clan- Radio One Freestyle Session 1994 WZE
Wu- Tang Clan- The W
WWO - Zycie na kredycie
WWO- Masz I Pomysl
WWO- Obejrzyj Sobie Wiadomosci
WWO- We Wlasnej Osobie
WWO- Witam Was W Rzeczywistosci
Wychowani Na Błędach- Dowód Odpowiedzialności
XZibit - Full Circle
Xzibit - Man vs Machine
XZibit- At The Speed Of Life
XZibit- Restless
XZibit- Weapons Of Mass And Destruction
Yaro- Jazda
Yaro- Olewka
Young Dro- Best Thang Smokin
Za Szybcy Za Wsciekli- Soundtrack
Zalef- Pistolet
Zipera- Druga Strona Medalu
  Wolfe, Gene Rodman


[Lc] Locus Poll Award
[Ne] Nebula Award
[Bs] British Science Fiction Award
[Ca] John W. Campbell Memorial Award
[Wf] World Fantasy Award:
[Sc] SF Chronicle Award:
[Bf] British Fantasy Award
[Ap] Apollo Award
[Ry] Rhysling Award
[Dr] Deathrealm Award
[Sk] Skylark Award
[Wf] World Fantasy Award
[Hu] Hugo


Księga Długiego Słońca
1 Ciemna strona Długiego Słońca (1993)[Hu1994][Lc1994][Ne1993][pol.wyd.1998 ,MAG]
2 Jezioro Długiego Słońca (1994)[Hu1995] [Ne1994][pol.wyd.1999. MAG]
3 Caldé Długiego Słońca (1994)[Hu1995][Lc1995][Ne1995] [pol.wyd. 2000, MAG]
4 Exodus z Długiego Słońca (1996)[Lc1997][Ne1997] [pol.wyd. 2001 MAG]
Litany of the Long Sun (1994) [O/2N] obejmuje 1 I 2 tom
Epiphany of the Long Sun (1997) [O/2N] obejmuje 3 I 4 tom

Księga Nowego Słońca
1 Cień kata (1980)[Bl1981][Bs1981][Ca1981][Hu1981][Lc1981][Lc1987][Ne1980][Wf1981] [pol.wyd.
2 Pazur Łagodziciela (1981)
3 Miecz Liktora (1981)
4 Cytadela Autarchy (1982)
5 Urth Nowego Słońca (1987)
Shadow & Claw (1994)
Sword & Citadel (1994)
The Book of the New Sun (1998) [Lc1998]

1 Żołnierz z Mgły(1986)[Lc1987][Ne1987][Wf1987]
2 Żołnierz Arete(1989)[Lc1990][Wf1990]

The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories (1970) [Ne1970]
The Island of Doctor Death (1970)
The Death of Doctor Island (1973) [Hu1974][Lc1974][Ne1973]
The Doctor of Death Island (1978) [Lc1979]
Death of the Island Doctor (1983)
The Wolfe Archipelago (1983)

Operation Ares (1970)
The Fifth Head of Cerberus (1972)
Peace (1975)[Dt1986]
The Devil in a Forest (1976)[Dt1986]
Free Live Free (1985)[Bs1985][Dt1986][Lc1985 ][Ne1986][Pr1986 ]
There Are Doors (1988)[Lc1989]
Castleview (1990)[Lc1991 ]
Pandora by Holly Hollander (1990)
On Blue's Waters (1999)[Hu2000][Lc2000][pol.wyd. Na wodach Błękitu wyd.MAG]
In Green's Jungles (2000)[Hu2001][Lc2001]
Return to the Whorl (2001)

Zbiory opowiadań
The Fifth Head of Cerberus (1972)
The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories (1980)[Lc1981]
Gene Wolfe's Book of Days (1981)[Lc1982]
Plan[e]t Engineering (1984)
For Rosemary (1988) – Zbiorek wierszy
Storeys from the Old Hotel (1988)[Wf1989]
Endangered Species (1989)[Lc1990]
Castle of Days (1992)
Young Wolfe (1992)
Bibliomen (1995)[Dr1995]
Strange Travelers (2000)[Lc2001]

The Castle of the Otter (1982) – Zbiór esejów dotyczący Księgi Nowego Słońca
Letters Home (1991) – Listy z okresu 8/14/52 do 5/16/54 pisane do matki,
Opisujące doświadczenia Wolfe’a z Korei.
Shadows of the New Sun: Eseje (2002)

Morning-Glory (?)
The Case of the Vanishing Ghost (1951)
The Grave Secret (1951)
The Dead Man (1965)
Mountains Like Mice (1966)
The Green Wall Said (1967)
Screen Test (1967)
Trip, Trap (1967)
Volksweapon (1967)
The Changeling (1968)
House of Ancestors (1968)
Paul's Treehouse (1969)
Car Sinister (1970)
Eyebem (1970)
The HORARS of War (1970)
How the Whip Came Back (1970)
King Under the Mountain (1970)
A Method Bit in "B" (1970)
Morning-Glory (1970)
Of Relays and Roses (1970)
The Packerhaus Method (1970)
Remembrance to Come (1970)
Sonya, Crane Wessleman, and Kittee (1970)
Thou Spark of Blood (1970)
The Blue Mouse (1971)
Slaves of Silver (1971)
Sweet Forest Maid (1971)
Three Million Square Miles (1971)
The Toy Theater (1971)
"A Story" by John V. Marsch (1972)
"A Story," by John V. Marsch (1972)
Against the Lafayette Escadrille (1972)[Ne1972 ]
Alien Stones (1972)
Beech Hill (1972)
The Fifth Head of Cerberus (1972)[Hu1973 ][Lc1973 ][Lc1973 ][Ne1972 ]
The Headless Man (1972)
It's Very Clean (1972)
Mathoms From the Time Closet (1972)
The Recording (1972)
Tarzan of the Grapes (1972)
V. R. T. (1972)
V.R.T. (1972)
An Article About Hunting (1973)
Beautyland (1973)
Continuing Westward (1973)
The Death of Dr. Island (1973)
Feather Tigers (1973)
Going to the Beach (1973)
Hour of Trust (1973)
How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German
Invasion (1973)[Ne1973 ]
La Befana (1973)
Peritonitis (1973)
Silhouette (1973)[Lc1976 ]
Westwind (1973)
Cues (1974)
The Dark of the June (1974)
The Death of Hyle (1974)
Forlesen (1974)[Lc1975 ]
From the Notebook of Doctor Stein (1974)
Melting (1974)
The Rubber Bend (1974)
Straw (1974)
Civis Lapvtvs Svm
[vt Civis Laputus Sum] (1975)
Civis Lapvtvs Svm (1975)
The Hero as Werwolf (1975)
St. Brandon (Excerpt) (1975)
Thag (1975)
Tracking Song (1975)
When I Was Ming the Merciless (1975)
The Eyeflash Miracles (1976)[Lc1977][Ne1976]
Three Fingers (1976)
Many Mansions (1977)
The Marvelous Brass Chessplaying Automaton (1977)
To the Dark Tower Came (1977)
Our Neighbour by David Copperfield (1978)
Seven American Nights (1978)[Hu1979 ][Lc1979 ][Ne1978 ]
The War Beneath the Tree (1979)[Lc1980 ][Lc1981 ][Ne1980 ]
The Woman Who Loved the Centaur Pholus (1979)
The Adopted Father (1980)
A Criminal Proceeding (1980)
The Detective of Dreams (1980)[Lc1981 ]
The God and His Man (1980)
In Looking-Glass Castle (1980)
Kevin Malone (1980)
Suzanne Delage (1980)
A Cabin on the Coast (1981)[Lc1985 ][Ne1984 ]
The Claw of the Conciliator (Excerpt) (1981)
Date Due (1981)
The Tale of the Student and His Son (1981)
The Woman the Unicorn Loved (1981)[Hu1982 ][Lc1982 ]
Cherry Jubilee (1982)
Folia's Story: The Armiger's Daughter (1982)
Last Day (1982)
The Last Thrilling Wonder Story (1982)
My Book (1982)
At the Volcano's Lip (1983)
The Cat (1983)
Creation (1983)
Four Wolves (1983)
From the Desk of Gilmer C. Merton (1983)
In the Mountains (1983)
In the Old Hotel (1983)
On the Train (1983)
Procreation (1983)
A Solar Labyrinth (1983)
Adam(?) Poor(?) (1984)
Anne Parsons (1984)
Bernard A. French (1984)
Gertrude S. "Spinning Jenny" Deplatta (1984)
Hopkins Dalhousie (1984)
John Glaskin (1984)
John J. Jons, Jr. (1984)
John K. (Kinder) Price (1984)
Kirk Patterson Arthurs, Ph.D. (1984)
Kopman Goldfleas (1984)
Lieutenant James Ryan O'Murphy, NYPD (1984)
Love, Among the Corridors (1984)
The Map (1984)[Lc1985 n]
Mary Beatrice Smoot Friarly, SPV (1984)
Paul Rico (1984)
Peter O. Henry (1984)
Redbeard (1984)
Rishi (1984)
Sir Gabriel (1984)
Skeeter Smyth (1984)
The Woman Who Resigned (1984)
Xavier McRidy (1984)
The Green Rabbit from S'Rian (1985)
The Nebraskan and the Nereid (1985)
The Woman Who Went Out (1985)
Checking Out (1986)
Choice of the Black Goddess (1986)
The Peace Spy (1986)
All the Hues of Hell (1987)
Empires of Foliage and Flower (1987)
In the House of Gingerbread (1987)[Wf1988 ]
The Most Beautiful Woman on the World (1987)
The Other Dead Man (1987)
Parkroads: A Review (1987)
Alphabet (1988)
At the Point of Capricorn (1988)
The Boy Who Hooked the Sun (1988)
The Flag (1988)
Game in the Pope's Head (1988)
Lukora (1988)
Sightings at Twin Mounds (1988)
The Tale of the Rose and the Nightingale (And What Came of It) (1988)
The Friendship Light (1989)
How the Bishop Sailed to Inniskeen (1989)
The Haunted Boardinghouse (1990)[Lc1991 ]
Lord of the Land (1990)
The Monday Man (1990)
The Seraph from the Sepulcher (1991)
The Largest Luger (1992)
The Last Casualty of Cambrai (1992)
The Legend of Xi Cygnus (1992)
The Sailor Who Sailed After the Sun (1992)
And When They Appear (1993)
Useful Phrases (1993)[Lc1994 ][Ne1993 ]
Queen of the Night (1994)
Captain Roy C. Mirk, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (1995)
Seaman (1995)
The Ziggurat (1995)[Hu1996 ][Lc1996 ]
Ain't You 'Most Done? (1996)
Bed and Breakfast (1996)
Bluesberry Jam (1996)
Counting Cats in Zanzibar (1996)[Hu1997 ][Lc1997 ]
The Man in the Pepper Mill (1996)[Lc1997 ]
One-Two-Three For Me (1996)
To The Seventh (1996)
Try and Kill It (1996)[Lc1997 ][Ne1997 ][St1996]
Flash Company (1997)[Lc1998 ]
No Planets Strike (1997)[Hu1998 ][Lc1998 ]
Petting Zoo (1997)
Wrapper (1998)[Lc1999 ]
A Fish Story (1999)
The Fat Magician (2000)
Copperhead (2001) – Po raz pierwszy opublikowano na Sci Fiction
In Glory Like Their Star (2001)
Queen (2001)
The Waif (2001)

The Computer Iterates the Greater Trumps (1977)[Ry1978]
British Soldier Near Rapier Antiaircraft Missile Battery Scans for the Enemy (1984)
Last Night in the Garden of Forking Tongues (1984)
To Melville (1985)
The Traveler (1985)
How Beautiful with Springs (1986)
Why Private War (1986)
After The Runaway (1988)
Book Report With Dragons (1988)
Connect The Dots (1988)
December Twenty-Fourth Nineteen Fifty-Five (1988)
February Twenty-Eighth (1988)
A Flash of Insight (1988)
For The Strawberry Girl (1988)
January Nineteenth (1988)
Letters (1988)
Looking Over The Valley (1988)
Markets (1988)
May Ninth (1988)
Maybe We've Been Doing It Wrong, or You Can't Turn the Clock
Back, But If You Put Off Winding It Long Enough It's The SameThing (1988)
Monday's Class (1988)
Oh God Mother I Want To Ride The Turtle's Back Again (1988)
Old People Die Like Toads (1988)
On An Album Cover (1988)
On The Bus (1988)
Our Speaker Tonight (1988)
Persian Yellow (1988)
The Riddle (1988)
Riddle (1988)
Rosa Centifolia (1988)
Rosa Damascena Bifera (1988)
Rosa Gallica Officinalis (1988)
Science-Fiction Poem (1988)
Six A.M. (1988)
Solar Myth (1988)
The Talent (1988)
To Be Continued (1988)
To My Wife (1988)
Why Private War, or "Why They Pinned This Name On My Progenitor"(1988)
From a Letter to Ron Antonucci, Dated June 22, 1983 (1992)

Kipling's Influence (189.)
The Pirates of Florida and Other Implausibilities (191.)
Mathoms from the Time Closet (1972)
The Bellman's Wonder Ring (1977)
Mathoms from the Time Closet (1977)
Helioscope (1980)
Gene Wolfe's Book of Days (1981)
Introduction (Gene Wolfe's Book of Days) (1981)
Beyond the Castle of the Otter (1982)
The Castle of the Otter (1982)[Reviews]
Cavalry in the Age of the Autarch (1982)
The Feast of Saint Catherine (1982)
Hands and Feet (1982)
How Science Will Conquer the World for Fantasy (1982)
Onomastics, The Study of Names (1982)
The Outline of Sanity (1982)
The Rewards of Authorship (1982)
Sun of Helioscope (1982)
These Are the Jokes (1982)
Words Weird and Wonderful (1982)
The Anatomy of a Robot (1983)
A Few Points About Knife Throwing (1983)
Foreword (The Wolfe Archipelago) (1983)
Vunce Around der Momma's Kitchen py Hans Katzenjammer (1983)
The Books in The Book of the New Sun (1984)
Foreword (Bibliomen) (1984)
Logology (1984)
Untitled Letter from the author to Mr. Hiroshi Hayakawa of
Hayakawa Publishing Inc., Tokyo, Japan (1984)
Where I Get My Ideas (1984)
Explaining Nancy Kress (1985)
Peace of My Mind (1985)
An Idea That... (1986)
The Ethos of Elfland (1987)
The Ethos of Elfland (1987)
From a House on the Borderland (1987)
About These Pieces (1988)
Avram Davidson: The Fish Unturned (1988)
Explaining Nancy Kress (1988)
Introduction (Storeys from the Old Hotel) (1988)
Read This (The New York Review of Science Fiction, October 1988)(1988)
Redwood Coast Roamer (1988)
Scribbling Giant (1988)
Storeys from the Old Hotel: An Introduction (1988)
Where Castle? (1988)
Avram Davidson: The Fish Unturned (1989)
Introduction (Endangered Species) (1989)
Response to "The New Generation Gap" (1989)
Introduction (Episodes of the Argo) (1990)
Introduction for "Episodes of the Argo" (1990)
Secrets of the Greeks (1990)
Smiling, She Met the Dragon (1991) - Sharon Baker obituary
Achieving Dramatic Scenes: The Cat in the Starfleet's Attic (1992)
Algis Budrys II (1992)
Algis Budrys I (1992)
Aussiecon Two Guest of Honor Speech (1992)
Castle of Days (1992)
Four Letters (1992)
From a Chain Letter to George R. R. Martin and Greg Benford, Dated July 10, 1982 (1992)
From a Letter to Ellen Kushner, Dated April 2, 1985 (1992)
From a Letter to Larry McCaffery, Dated October 1, 1987 (1992)
From a Letter to Nancy Kress, Dated September 21, 1987 (1992)
From a Letter to Patty Bowne, Dated Memorial Day, 1983 (1992)
From a Letter to Sharon Baker, Dated February 25, 1983 (1992)
From a Letter to Sharon Butler, Dated November 11, 1983 (1992)
Introduction (Castle of Days) (1992)
Nebula Awards Speech, April 24, 1982 (1992)
Orbital Thoughts (1992)
A Review of "The New Gothic: A Collection of Contemporary Gothic
Fiction" edited by Bradford Morrow and Patrick McGrath (1992)
The Right of Things to Come (1992)
The Writer's Tool Kit (1992)
Response to John Kessel's "The Brother from Another Planet" (1993)
About Theodore Sturgeon (1994)
A Critic at the Crossroads: Gregory Feeley's "How Far to th'End of the World?" (1995)
The Best Introduction to the Mountains (2001)

Fish Whistle (1990) autor Daniel Pinkwater
The New Gothic (1992) autor Bradford Morrow i Patrick McGrath
Angry Candy (1994) autor Harlan Ellison
At the City Limits of Fate (1997) autor Michael Bishop

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  Ciekawe miejsca do odwiedzenia w Irlandii
Ballylee Castle, County Galway

The poet W. B. Yeats was so enchanted with this sixteenth-century tower house beside the Cloon River that he purchased the property in 1916 and restored it. For twelve years Yeats made "Thoor Ballylee" his summer home, which he found "so full of history and romance" that he was inspired to write "The Winding Stair" and "The Tower Poems". He once said: "To leave here is to leave beauty behind", and in a letter to Olivia Shakespeare wrote: "We are in our Tower and I am writing poetry as I always do here, and, as always happens, no matter how I begin, it becomes love poetry before I am finished with it", and remarked "as you see I have no news, for nothing happens in this blessed place but a stray beggar or a heron".

The castle originally belonged to one of the Burke septs, ultimately forming part of the huge estates of the Earls of Clanrickarde. It stands four-storeys high and its original windows still survive in the upper part, though Yeats and his architect Professor William A. Scott installed larger windows in the lower floors. The ground-floor chamber was described by Yeats as "the pleasantest room I have yet seen, a great wide window opening over the river and a round arched door leading to the thatched hall". He also loved the mural stair, symbolically declaring "This winding, gyring, spring treadmill of a stair is my ancestral stair; That Goldsmith and the Dean, Berkeley and Burke have travelled there."

Ballylee was abandoned and started to fall into ruin in the early 1930s. For the centenary of the poet's birth in 1965, however, the place was fully restored to appear as it was when he lived there. It now also houses an interpretative centre on his life and works. Lest it be forgotten that this was once the poet's home, there is a tablet on the wall commemorating his sojourn here:

I, the poet William Yeats, With old mill boards and sea-green slates, And smithy work from the Gort forge, Restored this tower for my wife George; And may these characters remain When all is ruin once again.

Located 4 miles NE of Gort on a minor road to the W of the Loughrea road (L11). NGR: N 481062. Open daily May to September: 10:00am-6:00pm. Admission fee charged.

Ballymoon Castle, County Carlow

Like so many Irish castles, Ballymoon has no recorded history, but on architectural grounds it must have been built c.1290-1310. The most likely builders were the Carew family, who evidently by this time had acquired the district (Idrone) from the Bigods, Earls of Norfolk. The castle - as striking as it is unusual - comprises a courtyard about 80 feet square, delimited by granite walls, 8 feet thick and 20 feet high. No doubt these walls had alures or wall-walks with crenellations, but these do not Ballymoonsurvive. Some flanking protection was provided by oblong latrine turrets projecting from three of its faces; the fourth curtain on the west has no such defence, though the gateway on this side, a plain arch with portcullis grooves, may origin ally have had a barbican in front.

The interior is now bare, but the walls' many embrasures, loops, fireplaces and doors bear witness to the former presence of two-storey ranges, some with cellars, that delimited the enclosure. The fine double-fireplace on the north belonged to the great hall, while such features as the cross loops with expanded terminals and "Caernarvon arches" allow us to date the castle to the turn of the thirteenth century. The castle may not have been in use for very long; indeed, some argue it was never finished.

Located 2 miles E of Bagenalstown in a field adjacent to the Fennagh road (L33). A small bridge gives access across a deep field ditch. NGR: S 738615. National Monument. Boots recommended.

Ballymote Castle, County Sligo

Ballymote, begun in 1300, was the last and the mightiest of the Norman castles in Connaught. It was built some distance from an earlier motte by Richard de Burgo, the great Red Earl of Ulster, in order to protect his newly won possessions in Sligo. Almost square in plan with massive three-quarter round towers at each angle, it is the most symmetrical of all the Irish "keepless" castles and bears an unmistakable resemblance to the inner ward of Beaumaris in Anglesea (begun 1295). There was a formidable double towered gate in the centre of the north wall and subsidiary D-shaped towers in the centre of the east and west curtain walls. Recent excavations revealed that the gate towers now largely demolished, were protected by a double skin of external walling. A postern gate planned for the centre of the south wall was never completed, probably because of the events of 1317, when the castle was lost to the O'Connors.

Possession of the castle from 1317 until 1584 alternated between the O'Connors and the MacDonaghs. A lack of occupation levels implies that the building was virtually abandoned during these years. In 1584 it was taken by the notorious governor of Connaught, Richard Bingham, and remained an English base until lost to Red Hugh O'Donnell in 1598. It was here that O'Donnell assembled his forces on route to Kinsale in 1601. In 1652 the castle was surrendered by the Taaffes to parliamentary forces, and in 1690 it was captured by the Williamites, who soon afterwards had it dismantled and the moat filled in.

Located 15 miles S of Sligo at W end of Ballymote village.
Access through St John of God's Nursing Home.
NGR: G 660154.
National Monument.

Ballynahow Castle, County Sligo

There is something rather attractive about round tower houses, but sadly only a relatively small number were built, mostly in Munster. Perhaps the finest to survive is the impressive earlyBallynahow sixteenth-century tower of the Purcells at Ballynahow. It stands five storeys high with two internal vaults, each covering two storeys; the top storey was for merly covered by a conical timber roof carried on squinch arches. Both the lower floors were dimly lit round chambers that were probably used for storage, though their size was relatively small because of the wall's thickness at this level. The three storeys above were larger and approxi mated to a rectangular shape, with ogival and segmental headed windows. One of the thicker segments of the wall was cleverly used to contain the entrance porch with its murder hole, the winding stair, the latrines and a number of other mural chambers. A number of small musket holes can be found near some of the principal windows.

Located 3 miles W of Thurles, off the Ballycahill road (Tl9). Approached down a private avenue. NGR: S 082602. National Monument. Open access. The caretaker, James Finn, runs a bed and breakfast in the farmyard.

Blarney Castle, County Cork

Blarney is celebrated the world over for a stone on the parapet that is said to endow whoever kisses it with the eternal gift of eloquence. The origin of this custom is unknown, though the word "blarney", meaning to placate with soft talk or to deceive without offending, probably derives from the stream of unfulfilled promises of Cormac MacDermot MacCarthy to the Lord President of Munster in the late sixteenth century. Having seemingly agreed to deliver his castle to the Crown, he continuously delayed doing so with soft words, which came to be known as "Blarney talk".

The massive castle, which looks even larger because of its picturesque situation on the edge of a cliff, was supposedly built in 1446 by Cormac MacCarthy "the Strong", probably on the site of a castle occupied by the Lombards, whom the MacCarthys had displaced. It has an L-shaped plan with five storeys, the lower two being under a pointed vault with walls 12 feet thick; higher up the walls get thinner and the rooms bigger. The building sequence is a little puzzling, but the slender tower containing the main stair and a tier of small rooms evidently predates the main block. The whole is crowned with high stepped battlements, projecting more than 2 feet beyond the walls and carried by long inverted pyramid corbels.

The MacCarthys held onto the castle with a few interruptions until the Williamite wars, when Donagh MacCarthy, the fourth Earl of Clancarty supported the losing side and had his estates forfeited. It is said that before leaving he cast the family silver into the lake. The property was acquired by Sir John Jefferys, who built a Gothic-style house onto the castle with pointed windows and curvilinear pinnacled battements. This was burnt c. 1820, but a semi circular staircase tower still remains. Nearby the family made a megalithic garden folly and in 1874 they built a Scottish Baronial-style house overlooking the lake in the park.

Located 5 miles NW of Cork on the SW side of the village within demesne.
NGR: W 614753.
Open June to September.
Admission fee charged.

Bunratty Castle, County Clare

The fashion for renovating castles and using them to host "medieval banquets" may be said to have begun at Bunratty, which was restored in the 1950s under the brilliant guidance of Percy le Clerc and filled with Lord Gort's magnificent collection of medieval furniture and tapestries. It is now one of Ireland's main tourist attractions and justifiably so - for no other castle gives a more lasting impression of later medieval life.

The castle once stood on an island in a tidal creek with a view of the water-traffic entering and leaving the port of Limerick. Not surprisingly for such a strategic site, it has had quite a stirring history with a succession of castles from 1251 onwards. The present building Bunratty Castlewas erected between 1450-67 by the MacNamara or MacConmara family and passed through marriage to the O'Briens c. 1500. It was remodelled by Donough O'Brien, the "Great", (fourth) Earl of Thomond, who succeeded in 1581.

Although of great size, the castle is essentially a tower house. It comprises a tall, oblong building with a square tower at each corner, linked on the north and south sides by a broad arch rising to below the top storey. The entrance door leads into a large vaulted hall above which is the magnificent great hall with its lofty timbered roof where the Earls of Thomond held court. While there are only three storeys in the main body of the castle - with vaulted cellars below the hall - the towers have many floors and small chambers approached by a profusion of winding mural stairs. Many were bedrooms with connecting latrines, the castle having no less than fifteen privies. The fourth Earl remodelled the upper rooms of the towers; his vaulting still survives in one tower and is among the earliest use of brick in the country. Some of the Earl's plaster decoration remains in the hall, chapel and south solar and may be considered among the oldest stucco known in Ireland.

The castle's grandeur greatly impressed Archbishop Rinuccini who came here in 1646 and wrote of its great beauty, its ponds and 3,000 head of deer. But the property suffered during the seventeenth-century wars, and the O'Briens departed. It was acquired by the Studderts around 1720, who occupied a brick house built against the two northern towers and later built themselves a fine country house in the park. The castle was later used as a police barracks but subsequently fell into disrepair, and towards the end of the nineteenth century the roof of the great hall was allowed to collapse. It was acquired by Lord Gort in 1954 and since his death the castle and its contents have been held in trust for the Nation.

Located 8 miles W of Limerick on the airport road (T11).
NGR: R 452610. National Monument. Open daily throughout the year.
The Folk Park, which includes eight farmhouses, a village street, a mill and a blacksmith's forge, remains open until 7.00 pm from June to August.
Admission fee charged.

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