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  czego słuchasz teraz?
Children of Bodom - Hate me

I was born in ashes of molten hatred
Raised by demons in abodes of the dead
The Reaper's scythe I fall upon to light my path
Wrecked by mangled wounds of life
I have become become the resurrection of the Evil one
'Y know that I don't fucking care if I live or die'

I need a bishop preaching fire to get away with my sins
I despise everything I see so I don't giv a a fuck if ya hate me

Ain't got respect for humanity
Never lived or wanted immortality
The Reaper's shadow I fall upon to obscure my path
Every day I'm being battered up until I bleed
You motherfuckas just leave me be
Ya could never give me cure for the apin I feel inside

Led by the Reaper I walk in the night
Show me the way to yer kingdom come

I believe in Armageddon,
I've been baptised in alcohol
I'm enbodyment of Antichrist
I'm living for my own demise
  Dom B (Stanton Warriors) @ Beatbox Radio Show (22.09.2006)

w zwiazku z tym ze plumpy jakos nie praza,mala rekompensata

1 Who Made Who - Out The Door (Poxy Music Remix)
2 Dan Mangan - Resor3 Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Stanton Warriors Remix)
4 Wahoo - Make Em Shake It (Stanton Warriors Remix)
5 Peace Division - Club Therapy (Stanton Warriors Remix)
6 King Unique - To The Left (Stanton Warriors Remix)
7 Metric & Slick Rick - Space Hopper
8 New Boy - Little Faith
9 Stanton Warriors - Bollywood Beat Down
10 Stanton Warriors - Dip & Get Low (Deekline & Wizard Remix)
11 Stanton Warriors - Pop Ya Virus

12 Hook & Sling & Kid Kenobi - The Bump (Tonite Only Remix)
13 Fedde Le Grande - Put Yer Hands Up For Detroit (Bass Kleph Breaks Mix)
14 Royksopp - What Else Is There (TrenteMoller Remix) - Bass Kleph Breaks Mix
  The Rolling Stones
Oj, no wiem ze swira mam.. No ale kocham! Kocham, kocham, kocham! Kocham na zabój od 25 lipca ale wczesniej tez słuchałem Ulubione płyty Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers, Voodoo Launge, A Bigger Bang, The Rolling stones (Englands Newest Hit Makers), Goats Head Soup, get Yer Ya-Yas Out! i wiele wiele innych Ulubione piosenki: Ostatnio faza na Jumpin Jack Flash, Sad,Sad,Sad i - Spiewana przez Keitha - Can-t Be Seen yo i pisac ;d
  The gap between new and old
Seems to me its not about whether you know what yer doing, its about ho ya know. Kinda like cliques in hich school. Ppl start playing, and if its someone no one knows, then they are a n00b in most eyes. If someone comes to pl and someone knows him and speaks for him/her on irc then he/she becomes more quickly accpted and no longer a n00b. Sometimes a person isn't even given an opportunity to show their knowledge of the game. We can only hope that person endures or perseveres long enough to become one of the vets.

How many players dont go on IRC or join any of the big alliances. And since all the main alliance irc channels is Idle Central, to try and get to know ppl on IRC isnt always the easiest task. Not to mention that ppl new to the game go to, when a good percentage of the vets are only on

Makes for difficult acclimation at best.
  Politics HERD style
well time for a little story I think

went to bed all fine and lovely, 20mil 1500 roids, not too bad

so I log in this morning, see red lights and think omg what this time, prolly just another friendly that lost its way

take a look at my score, hmm 13mil left what the hell happened there, scroll down to roids, oh great 400 left

so I check out what happened, see that its 16:1 (BGarmy) who appearantly are too lazy to do an arbitter check or ask around for a check

anyway, so I turn to HC to get my revenge, and ask for a retal, which at first I did not get ( because planets that I want to attack are friendly )
finally when I DO get my retal, I am not allowed to attck them more than once ( rigth after being attacked by 16:1 4 times last night )

could anybody explain these poliics to me?

something like, we thank you very much for dc-ing and bc-ing for us all round, but its ok when yer attacked?

anyway, been a great round with ya Dragons, goodbye
  Politics HERD style
well time for a little story I think

went to bed all fine and lovely, 20mil 1500 roids, not too bad

so I log in this morning, see red lights and think omg what this time, prolly just another friendly that lost its way

take a look at my score, hmm 13mil left what the hell happened there, scroll down to roids, oh great 400 left

so I check out what happened, see that its 16:1 (BGarmy) who appearantly are too lazy to do an arbitter check or ask around for a check

anyway, so I turn to HC to get my revenge, and ask for a retal, which at first I did not get ( because planets that I want to attack are friendly )
finally when I DO get my retal, I am not allowed to attck them more than once ( rigth after being attacked by 16:1 4 times last night )

could anybody explain these poliics to me?

something like, we thank you very much for dc-ing and bc-ing for us all round, but its ok when yer attacked?

anyway, been a great round with ya Dragons, goodbye

hahahahaha.. Karma works so sweet sometimes
  A - Cheeky Monkey
A » Cheeky Monkey
My name is Jason
I'll rock yer face in
Cos I've got relations in my band
We like Van Halen
And Iron Maiden
I'll do the talkin', understand?

Cheeky Monkey
Cheeky Monkey
Yeah, you know I'm right
Do ya wanna fight?
I'll stay up all night
Just forget the time

Any time I want to
Any place I need to
I'll be there
Yeah, I'll be alright...

So get out the kitchen
Check out my pigeon
Fed-Ex are massive on my way
Jump on a rock bus
No-one can stop us
We're going bonkers today

Yeah, Cheeky Monkey!
Cheeky Monkey!
Do you know, I'm right!
Do ya wanna fight?
I'll stay up all night
Just forget the time
Any time I want to
Any place I need to
I'll be there
Yeah, I'll be alright...

We're Cheeky Monkeys
We're Cheeky Monkeys
Just like the Bee Gees
We put the words down so they rhyme
Yeah, we rock in the summer
(Rock in the summer)
And we sleep in the winter
(Sleep in the winter)
Then we park where we want to
(Park where we want to), pay the fine

Yeah, Cheeky Monkeys
Cheeky Monkeys
Do you know, I'm right!
Do ya wanna fight?
I'll stay up all night
Just forget the time
Any time I want to
Any place I need to
I'll be there
Yeah, I'll be alright...

Cheeky Monkeys
Cheeky Monkeys
Cheeky Monkeys
Cheeky Monkeys
  [ADDED] Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous [Rock]
Along with Kiss' Alive, the Who's Live at Leeds, and the Rolling Stones' Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out, Thin Lizzy's 1978 double album, Live and Dangerous, is one of the greatest live rock albums of all time. The band wisely hooked up with producer Tony Visconti, again, and although it's become known in later years that the tracks included extensive overdubbing, many of the performances outshine the original studio versions. Except for a few tracks, the majority of the material spans from 1974's Nightlife to 1977's Bad Reputation, while the concerts were recorded during Lizzy's last two major tours (1976 and 1977). Few bands have ever matched the explosive energy that Lizzy creates on such tracks as "Jailbreak," "Emerald," "Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song," "Don't Believe a Word," "Are You Ready," and "Sha-La-La," while their sing-along anthem "The Boys Are Back in Town" proves even more vivacious in a live setting. The more serene material — "Southbound" and "Dancing in the Moonlight" — is just as gripping, while the slow blues of "Still in Love with You" contains two of the most heartfelt and lyrical guitar solos ever (a trade-off between both Robertson and Gorham). Add to it such strong album cuts as "Massacre," "Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed," "Warrior," "Suicide," and "The Rocker," and you have the ultimate Lizzy album. Live and Dangerous is a must-have for fans of powerful hard rock.

  Koncertówka wszech czasów
Yes - Yesshows
Ramstein - Live aus Berlin
Ultravox - Monument
Samson - Live at Reading
Barclay James Harvest - Concert for The People
Barclay James Harvest - Glasnost'
Anekdoten - Live in Japan
Pink Floyd - Ummagumma
Emerson Lake & Palmer - Welcome Back My Friends to The Show That Never Ends - Ladies And Gentleman Emerson Lake And Palmer
Robert Fripp & David Sylvian - Damage
Bush, Kate - Live at The Hammersmith Odeon
U2 - Under a Blood Red Sky
Bowie, David - David Live
Traffic - On The Road
Chicago - Live at Carnagie Hall
Abraxas - Live in Memorian
Gabriel, Peter - Plays Live
Judas Priest - Priest Live
UFO - Strangers in The Night
Pet Shop Boys - Concrete
Moody Blues - A Night at Red Rocks
John Elton - Live in Australia
Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya Ya's Out
Spooky Tooth (and Pierre Henry) - Ceremony
Ache - De Homine Urbano
Beatles, The - Let It Be
Birth Control - Operation
Blood Sweat & Tears - III
Bloodrock - s/t
Brown, Pete & Piblokto! - Things May Come And Things May Go, But the Art School Dance Goes on Forever
Brown, Pete & Piblocto! - Thousand on A Raft
Bucley, Tim - Lorca
Doors, The - Morrison Hotel
Egg - Egg
Free - Fire & Water
Free - Highway
Frijid Pink - s/t
Genesis - Trespass
Hendrix, Jimi - Band of Gypsys
King Crimson - In The Wake of Poseidon
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Procol Harum - Home
Rare Bird - As Your Mind Flies By
Renaissance - Illusion
Rolling Stones, The - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
Stevens, Cat - Mona Bone Jakon
Three Man Army - A Third in A Lifetime
Wishbone Ash - s/t
Yes - Time And A Word
  Che mi się z czegoś śmiać
chyba nie istnieje taka okładka choc kto wie..pierwsze skojarzenie miałam z beatlesami, ale niestety nie bylo ono trafne. Mysle, ze jesli istnieje taka okładka to jest ona z lat '70.. nie kojarze nic brytyjskiego z rożowym słoniem, młotkiem i uśmiechnętym człowiekiem .. jedynie co to kojarze osła z bebnami i gitara a przed nim usmiechnięty czlowiek z dwoma gitarami ( okładka Stonesów Get Yer Ya Ya's Out! )..

Powiem Ci, ze ten temat mnie zaciekawil..
  25 najlepszych albumów koncertowych według Rolling Stone
Znany muzyczny magazyn opublikował na swojej stronie zestawienie dwudziestu pięciu najlepszych albumów koncertowych. Nie podał jednak czy jest to głosowanie czytelników, czy redakcji. Niemniej jednak wyniki wskazują, że muzyka naszych ulubionych (wszelakiej odmiany) rockowych zespołów nigdy się nie zestarzała.

01. The Who - Live At Leeds (1970)
02. Kiss - Alive! (1975)
03. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Live 1975-1985 (1986)
04. The Ramones - It's Alive (1979)
05. Bob Dylan & The Band - Before The Flood (1974)
06. Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (2007)
07. The Grateful Dead - Europe '72 (1972)
08. Wilco - Kicking Television: Live In Chicago (2005)
09. Phish - A Live One (1995)
10. U2 - Rattle And Hum (1988)
11. Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings (2001)
12. Led Zeppelin - How To West Was Won (2000)
13. The Allman Brothers Band - Live At Fillmore East (1971)
14. Cheap Trick - Live At Budokan (1979)
15. Neil Young - Live Rust (1979)
16. Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense (1979)
17. Jimi Hendrix - Jimi Plays Monterey (1986)
18. Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series, Volume 4: The Royal Albert Hall Concert (1988)
19. The Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! The Rolling Stones in Concert (1970)
20. James Brown - Live at the Apollo (1968)
21. Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison (1968)
22. The Band - The Last Waltz (1978)
23. Nirvana - Unplugged in New York (1994)
24. Band of Gypsys - Band of Gypsys (1970)
25. Jay-Z, Unplugged (2001)
  Transformers: Transtech

Autobot spojrzał w stronę Maximala i wydał z siebie imitację westchnienia, dotknął palcem wskazującym i serdecznym prawej ręki do czoła, by zastanowić się chwilę.
Hold on, hold on... - przystawił nogę przed Spinobota, zagradzając mu drogę. - What's the reason to fight 'ere? It's not like he's doin' us any harm... well... not now that is... - Spinobot spojrzał na niego morderczym wzrokiem. - Ok ok, I get it... but ya know... less actin', more talkin'... or something like that – wzruszył ramionami, uśmiechnął się i podniósł wizjer. Wiedział, że dla osoby, która żyła głównie walką, Transformer bez maski ochronnej czy wizjera był, a raczej powinien wydawac się być mniejszym zagrożeniem...
- Hold yer horses, li'l bot... - powiedział cicho do Spinobota. - Act only when everything else fails, ok? - poczekał na reakcję Maximala i ruszył przed siebie, ostrożnym, wymierzonym krokiem, z rękoma wysuniętymi do góry.
- Oi, Voorhees, innit? - zagadał podniesionym głosem. - Like in that Earth B horror movie... Cool, eh? - zgasił optyki dwukrotnie i włączył je znowu. Skąd to pamiętał? - Look... I'm sure you really don't wanna harm these poor guys 'ere... - Predacon nadal go nie słuchał tylko roznosił łapami małe Maximale. Na dwóch z nich nacisnął rękoma i zaczął przyduszać, patrząc się jednocześnie spode łba na Jazza z żądzą mordu w oczach. Ten nieświadomie naśladował przełykanie śliny. - ...can't we... talk? - wyszczerzył zęby i uniósł ramiona, podnosząc zgięte w łokciach ręce do góry.
Voorhees prychnął i odsłonił kły oblizując je językiem.
- Oh. Crud... - Jazz automatycznie opuścił wizjer, i przeanalizował wszystkie możliwe zakończenia tej walki. Każde kończyło się dosyć... boleśnie.
  Cytaty z filmów
Nostalgia, wziąwszy mnie w objęcia, zmusiła mnie do pobrania sobie serialu "Beast Wars", który dawien dawno leciał na Polsacie
- Rattrap: Alright. Now, ya stinking Decepticon piece of cheese, let's see how you stand up against this this stainless steel rat!

- Silverbolt: You... SHOT me (to, jak to powiedział, było genialne )

- Megatron II: (celuje w głowę OP uśpionego na pokładzie "Arki") And now, Optimus Prime: In memory of the Decepticons... For the Glory of the Predacons... For the Cybertron that IS! RIGHTFULLY! OURS! ... And mine to rule!... I unleash the storm of vengeance. Farewell.

- Waspinator: Oh, sure, don't mind Waspinator. Waspinator just lie here and suffer... drag himself to CR tank...

Waspinator: (do Inferna i Quickstrike'a) I said NO! Dragon-bot command you sub-commander kiss-butt! Dragon-bot not command Waspinator! Not any more! Waspinator sick of being evil! Sick of being Predacon! And Waspinator especially sick of getting BLOWN TO SCRAP ALL THE TIME! Soooooo, Waspinator QUIT! As of now, which means Ant-bot and Two-heads can just pucker their mandibles and plant big wet juicy ones right here on Waspinator's big, FAT, STRIPY-- (warto zwrócić uwagę, ze Waspy pierwszy raz powiedział o sobie "ja", nie "Waspinator"

- Inferno: (tekst firmowy) For the glory of the Royalty!

- Rattrap: Get yer shiny new butt skyward and see if you can find Chopperface before the Preds do.
- Cheetor: You mean, fly?
- Rattrap: Do I mean fly? NO! I meant take a submarine. Of course I mean fly!

- Blackarachnia: What are you looking at?
- Silverbolt: That star. It's a planet really. It's Venus. It reminds me of you.
- Blackarachnia: Dark, hot, deadly, and poisonous? You're sweet.
- Silverbolt: No, wait. That's not what I meant...

- Cheetor: I need a running start!
- Rattrap: By the inferno... I've got to do EVERYTHING?! (daje mu "running start" kopem w zadek)
  Utworki :P

The Strokes - Reptilia

He seemed impressed by the way you came in
Tell us a story annoying not boring
I was afraid that she would not insist
You sound so sleepy just that this, now leave me

I said "Please, don't slow me down if I'm going too fast"
Ah, you're in a strange part of our town

Yeah! The night's not over, you're not trying hard enough
Our lives are changing lanes, you ran me off the road
The wait is over I'm now taking over
You're no longer laughing, I'm not driving fast enough

Now every time that I look at myself
I thought I told you, this world is not for ya
The room is on fire and she stricks in her head
You sound so angry just calm down, you've found me

I said "Please, don't slow me down if I'm going too fast"
Ah, you're in a strange part of our town

Yeah! The night's not over, you're not trying hard enough
Our lives are changing lanes, you ran me off the road
The wait is over I'm now taking over
You're no longer laughing, I'm not driving fast enough


The STROKES - 12:51 (a tu mamy taka fajna melodyjke jak z gry video i takie fajne klaskanko )

Spoke to me now im older
yer friends okay cuz i told her
friday nite's so damn lonely
change yer plans a damn for me

we can go and get forties
fuck goin to that party
im really not fixed so i went out
alright, i give up, you convinced me

12:51, is the time my voice
found the words i saw
is this the stage i walk
or could be shutting out, for us

oh we were tense for sure but we was con-fi-dent

kiss me now that im older
i wont try to control you
friday nite's so damn lonely
take yerself it dont want me

are ellie and bitzel at home now
i rather tell you than this way
we can go and get forties
sometimes i sing it backwards,
but hey that's okay
  Teksty piosenek...


One...take control of me?
You're messing with the enemy
Said its 2, it's another trick
Messin with my mind, I wake up
Chase down an empty street
Blindly snap the broken beats
Said it's gone with the dirty trick
It's taken all these days to find ya

I tell you I want you
I tell you I need you

Friends, take control of me
Stalking cross' the gallery
All these pills got to operate
The colour quits and all invade us
There it goes again
Take me to the edge again
All I got is a dirty trick
I'm chasin down all walls to save ya

I tell you I want you
I'll tell you I need you
I... the blood ain't on my face
Just wanted you near me

I tell you I want you
I'll tell you I need you
The blood ain't on my hands
Just wanted you near me

I tell you I want you
I tell you I need you
The blood aint on my face
Just wanted you near me

L.S.F. (lost soul forever)

I'm on it, get on it
The troops are on fire!
Ya know I need it, much closer
I'm trading (or treading) just a little more
Step on it, electronic
The troops are on fire!
I'm much deeper, a sleeper
Waiting for the vinyl trip

Come on it, get on it
I'm carving thru a letterbomb
I need it, like potions
These drugs are just an hour away
Come on it, electronic
A polyphonic prostitute, the motor's on fire
Messiah for the animals

Ahhh, oh come on!
We got our backs to the wall!
Get on!
And watch out!
Sayin, "Yer gonna kill us all!"

Ahhh...I'm on it, get on it
The troops are on fire!
  50 koncertówek
Przedstawiam Wam 50 „najlepszych” płyt koncertowych wszech czasów wg „Tylko Rock”. Jak zauważycie, „fachowcy” pominęli „Tokio Tapes” czy „World Wide Live” Scorpionsów, może uważaj? je za tak genialne, że nie trzeba o nich wspominać? W?tpię. Wy, którzy potraficie BARDZO krytycznym okiem(ja aż tak bardzo nie mogę) spojrzeć na Scorps pewnie powiecie, że na koncertach nie wypadaj? genialnie, ale patrz?c na skład pięćdziesi?tki widać, że chociażby TT powinno się tam znaleĄć(czyżby pozycje 23,34,38,43???,47 były lepsze?)

1. Deep Purple - Made in Japan
2. Iron Maiden - Live after death
3. Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York
4. The Doors - Absolutely live
5. Thin Lizzy - Live and dangerous
6. AC/DC - If you want blood You’ve got it
7. The Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East
8. MC5 - Kick Out The Jams
9. Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won
10. Peter Gabriel - Secret World Wide
11. Queen - Live Killers
12. Pink Floyd - Pulse
13. U2 - Under A Blood Red Sky
14. Slayer - Decade Of Aggression
15. Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out
16. Colloseum - Live
17. Dire Straits - Alchemy
18. Neil Young - Live Rust
19. Motorhead - No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith
20. Roger Waters - In The Flesh
21. Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same
22. Rush - Exit... Stage Left
23. Dżem - Absolutely Live
24. Death - Live L.A.
25. Mettalica - Live Shit: Binge&Purge
26. Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong
27. Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder
28. Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive
29. The Who - Live At Leeds
30. Ozzy Ossbourne - Live And Loud
31. Lou Reed - Rock’n’Roll Animal
32. Kiss - Alive
33. Jimmi Hendrix - Band Of Gypsys
34. Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour ’74
35. Genesis - Seconds Out
36. Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
37. Grand Funk - Live Album
38. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
39. Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There
40. Ramones - It’s Live
41. Jane’s Addiction - Jane’s Addiction
42. The Cure - Paris
43. Brygada Kryzys - Brygada Kryzys
44. Portishead - Roseland NYC Live
45. Rush - A Show Of Hands
46. AC/DC - Live
47. Armia - Exodus
48. Spiritualized - Live ?At Royal Albert Hall
49. Stiff Little Fingers - Hanx
50a. UFO - Strangers In The Night
50b. Megadeath - Rude Awakening

Jedyny Scorpionsowski akcent to UFO z Michasiem (na samym końcu). No cóż, ?wiadczy to o“profesjonalizmie” naszych dziennikarzyków. Pewnie znaj? powierzchownie rocka, walnęli pierwsze 50 płyt, jakie znali i oto cała lista. A wiele z tych zespołów to totalne dno, w najwyższej formie tworzyli co? na miarę E2E, PI.
  Quiz okładkowy
Get Yer Ya Ya's Out - Rolling Stones

  [ADDED] Rolling Stones, The - Get Yer Ya-Ya"s Out (Remastered) [Rock]
Rolling Stones, The - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out (Remastered)

Genre : Rock
Year : 1970
Releaser : SweMule
Quality : Q5

Download : ed2k://|file|The.Rolling.Stones.(1970).Get.Yer.Ya-Ya's.Out!.(Remastered).[EAC.MPC.Q5].by.SweMule.rar|62178654|CEFE3A37B2EAC1E0CF916BD0CF639753|/

Extras: Front/Back cover (Digi-pack)



1. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Jagger/Richards) - 4:02
2. Carol (Berry) - 3:46
3. Stray Cat Blues (Jagger/Richards) - 3:40
4. Love in Vain (Johnson) - 4:56
5. Midnight Rambler (Jagger/Richards) - 9:04
6. Sympathy for the Devil (Jagger/Richards) - 6:51
7. Live With Me (Jagger/Richards) - 3:02
8. Little Queenie (Berry) - 4:33
9. Honky Tonk Women (Jagger/Richards) - 3:34
10.Street Fighting Man (Jagger/Richards) - 4:03

AMG Rating: 4,5/5

AMG Review:

Recorded during their American tour in late 1969, and centered around live versions of material from the Beggars Banquet-Let It Bleed era. Often acclaimed as one of the top live rock albums of all time, its appeal has dimmed a little today. The live versions are reasonably different from the studio ones, but ultimately not as good, a notable exception being the long workout of "Midnight Rambler," with extended harmonica solos and the unforgettable section where the pace slows to a bump-and-grind crawl. Some Stones aficionados, in fact, prefer a bootleg from the same tour (Liver Than You'll Ever Be, to which this album was unleashed in response), or their amazing the-show-must-go-on performance in the jaws of hell at Altamont (preserved in the Gimme Fans that are unconcerned with picky comparisons such as these will still find Ya Ya' outstanding album, and it's certainly the Stones' best official live recording. - Richie Unterberger
  Co jest grane?
ostatnio dwa :

Skindred - "Bruises"

ll I want to do is make the people rock
But them I heard dem der words
I never trusted you lot
And why don't you go back to Africa
From I heard that sound these a vibe non-stop, right?
Round 1, i'll tie you up in knots
You caught me with a right, is that all you got?
Let's make our way to the parking lot
Coz I know one of us have got to drop
Winners losers mind confuser
Step in the ring and you know get bruises
Winners losers mind confuser
Jump inna de ring and you know you get bruises
Winners losers mind confuser
People should know better
It's not hard or it's not clever
Dem ah walk in a drunkard crew
And dem are look violence
Through intoxication
They want to start a confrontation
But they ain't got the sense or co-ordination
Who you looking at? For pray clowns be storking
All liquored up, pay no mind keep walking
Wrong move there in your face for a fight
To explode with a right upper cut dynamite
He's had enuff he ain't getting up
He's had enuff he ain't getting up
He's had enuff he ain't getting up
He's had enuff he ain't getting up
Winners losers mind confuser
Jump in the ring and you know get bruises
Winners losers mind confuser
Jump inna de ring and you know you get bruises
Winners losers mind confuser
He's had enuff he ain't getting up
He's had enuff he ain't getting up
He's had enuff he ain't getting up
Winners losers mind confuser
Step in the ring and you know get bruises
Winners losers mind confuser
Jump inna de ring and you know you get bruises
Winners losers mind confuser


Skindred - "Nobody"

My sound we come to take over
M.C. you better look over your shoulder
Yea we know we on and on,Oh well now

Nuff ah dem ah come an dem ah try dog we out,
Born down pill we are the ruffneck scouts
Music we make to make the crowd jump up
Crowd get hyped explode and erupt
Blend up the Ragga metal punk hip-hop
Unity sound killer groove non stop
In ah fe dis pit only the strong will survive
Strength and power ago keep dem alive

My sound we come to take over
M.C. you better look over your shoulder
Yea we know we on and on,Oh well now
Skindred we in ah you area
Bring the raucous you know we superior
yer you know we on and on

Nobody gets out of dis ya pit alive
Nobody no body gets out alive
Nobody gets out of dis ya pit alive
Nobody no body gets out alive
Nobody gets out of dis ya pit alive
Come on follow me 1 and 2 and 6 and 7 and 43 and
Nobody gets out of dis ya pit alive

Some ah dem ah come an dem ah try flex with dis
Show dem the ragga punk power and watch dem head twist
Sting like a scorpion buzz like an E
Full force of fist it ago drop plenty
This is what we want and you have got to know
If you think you're hard star
Come an have a go

My sound we come to take over
M.C. you better look over your shoulder
Yea we know we on and on,Oh well now
Skindred we in ah you area
Bring the raucous you know we superior
yer you know we on and on

Głos wokalisty jest... niesamowity (jamajski akcent w tym gatunku to ewenement)
  The stranger.
* A vertibird hovers over the farmland surrounding New st. Louis.*
-We should land here otherwise it would attract to much attention.
Bob: You sure we can land here? It's way too dark to see anything outside.
-Don't worry I was one of the best verti pilots of the enclave.
*suddenly a familiar sound is heard from below and a green flash seen.*
-What the...
*A bolt of plasma penetrates the veritbird.*
Bob: Shit we're hit!
-I can't hold it anymore! were going down!
*The vertibird drops out of the sky like a duck brought down by hunters. Yet there is no explosion when it crashes into the ground. Rat-catcher crawls out of the wreckage. He tries to get up but fails and everything goes dark.*

*When rat-catcher opens his eyes he finds himself lying on rome rugs.*
Voice: I think out guest has awakened, Jack.
*Rats sees an old woman standing in front of him.*
-Where... Am... I?
Old woman: Easy now, everything will be allright, my dear.
*An old man steps up and starts talking*
Old man (jack): Yer in New st. louis, son. Home of th' glorious mono-headed brahma!
*Rats rubs his forehead.*
-How did I get here?
Jack: HO boy! Yer lucky t'still b'alive. We found ya next to some crashed mechanicil doohicky. Hell, if I knew what that was. ain't that true martha?
Martha: It sure is. Anyway, we were enjoying our nightly walk when we heard a crash. We checked it out and found you unconsious next to that 'thing'.
Jack: Yeah, an' then those purple dressed freaks showed up.
Martha: He means the Children.
-The COC? What did they do?!?
Jack: ya know 'em, eh? I tell ya that bunch is up to no good. *jack spits on teh ground.*
Martha: How many times have i told you jack, no spitting in doors.
-well, what about the coc?
Martha: Yes, from what we've seen they found another person on the other side of the wreck and carried him off.
-Must be Bob.
Jack: They probably gonna eat him or somethin'. We're just lucky the dinnay see us. *he spits on the ground again again. Martha looks angrily at him* Sorry 'bout that, dear.
Marthaa: That was all two day's 'go.
-TWO DAYS? I've been unconsious for two days?
Jack: yup.
*Rat-catcher gets up.*
-Thanks for your help but i've gotta go now.
Martha: Hold on a minute. *she reaches in some old chest and takes out a rifle with a spiraling barrel. We've found this next to your body, I think you might need it.
Jack: An' take the too. *he hands Rat some Stimpacks.*
-I can't thank you enough, if there's anything i could do to repay you?
Martha: Well, there is. I you se out son, Albert tell him to come home okay. I think he joined that crazy bunch.
-I will, and thanks again.
*Rat-catcher leaves the house*

I'd better send a PIP-mail to kilroy.
*he types something on hsi Pipboy and hits send.*
-Huh? 'Contactng Pipboy not responding?'Something is wrong, I know it!
  Chris Laney - "Pure" (2009)
Gatunek: glam metal
1. Situation
2. I Dunno
3. Make You Cry
4. The Stranger In You
5. Fire & Ice
6. I Hate Yer Guts
7. Get U Down
8. Pissed At What Ya Missed
9. Make My Day
10. Last Man Standing
11. Skin On Skin
12. Pride B 4 The Fall

Skład: Chris Laney - śpiew, gitara, instrumenty klawiszowe; J. Koleberg - perkusja; Nalle Grizzly Pahlsson - gitara basowa

Wydawca: Metal Heaven

Sylwetka Chrisa Laneya nie jest zbyt dobrze znana nawet w środowisku fanów hard rocka. Szkoda, bo jest on człowiekiem-orkiestrą: multiinstrumentalistą (przede wszystkim gitarzystą), znanym producentem i kompozytorem. Wcześniej grał m. in. w zespołach Zan Clan i Randy Piper's Animal, teraz przyszedł czas na pierwszą płytę solową.
Stanowi ona połączenie wszystkiego tego, za co fani uwielbiają glam metal, a więc znajdziemy na niej wpadające w ucho melodie, mocne riffy, świetne chórki, solówki. Album ma ostre, dość surowe brzmienie, pozwalające na wyeksponowanie tego, co stanowi rzeczywistą wartość tej muzyki. Słychać na nim, że Laney'a zainspirował cały szereg wykonawców sławnych w latach 80-ych, spośród których największy wpływ na zawarty tutaj materiał mieli: Winger, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Kiss i Shotgun Messiah. Rozpoczynający krążek utwór "Situation" to w warstwie muzycznej nawiązanie do Alice Coopera, można o nim napisać, że jest po prostu przeciętny, wszystkie pozostałe go przewyższają. Słychać to już przy słuchaniu drugiego z kolei "I Dunno" - stanowiącego rozkołysany glam w stylu "Seventeen" Winger (czyli świetne riffy i gitarowe ozdobniki plus chóralny refren). Prawdziwym hitem co się zowie jest dopiero "Make You Cry", zagrany z gościnnym udziałem Bruce'a Kulicka i w bardzo "kissowy" w klimacie - czyli prosty, ale niesłychanie chwytliwy. Pierwsza ballada na płycie, bardzo melodyjna "The Stranger In You" łączy w sobie elementy muzyki Treat i Def Leppard (ten ostatni słychać zwłaszcza w charakterystycznych chórkach). Brawa za doskonałą melodię! Oparty na znakomitym riffie "Fire And Ice" znów przypomina trochę Kiss. Z kolei "I Hate Your Guns" to numer typowo sleaze rockowy, który równie dobrze mógłby być zagubionym utworem z płyty "Trash" Alice Coopera. Zagrany w średnim tempie "Get U Down" ze specyficznym gitarowym tłem i chórkami to jakby Def Leppard na sterydach (ze względu na dość ostre brzmienie gitar), najlepszy klon piosenki ekipy Elliota, jaki słyszałem. Kolejna prosta, ale wspaniała melodia. Znacznie szybsze i agresywniejsze "Pissed.." z niemal skandowanym refrenem ma w sobie coś z brzmienia Shotgun Messiah plus świetną solówkę. Dobrą passę kontynuuje "Make My Day", będący hybrydą brzmienia Alice Coopera i Winger. "Last Man Standing" to kilkuczłonowy i niesamowicie melodyjny glam a'la Swedish Erotica, w refrenie przechodzący w coś w rodzaju przeboju Def Leppard. To połączenie okazało się kolejnym już strzałem w dziesiątkę. Zaskakująca i przyjemna dla ucha ballada "Skin On Skin" jest hołdem Laneya dla Queen - w refrenie mamy takie same warstwy wokalne w chórkach i linie melodyczne. Ostatni na liście "Pride B 4 The Fall" to eksperyment w stylu Winger, z dośc powolnym, rozkołysanym rytmem i połamanym riffem. Zwraca uwagę końcówka utworu, imitująca muzykę hinduską.
Z całą pewnością opisywane wydawnictwo jest najlepszą płytą glam metalową ostatniego dziesięciolecia, co prawda niezbyt oryginalną, programowo "oldschoolową", ale za to jakże przebojową, melodyjną i dobrze skomponowaną! Jeśli uważasz się za fana glam metalu, jest to dla Ciebie pozycja absolutnie obowiązkowa.
Ocena płyty: 8,5/10

Strona artysty na MySpace:
A może wziąć jakąś listę - gotowca?
Np na portalu Rate Your Music są listy albumów rocznikami (z pewnymi opcjami sortowania), ułożone według ocen uzytkowników RYM.
Tak np. wygląda lista najlepszych popularnych albumów A.D. 1970

1 The Stooges
Fun House
2 Neil Young
After the Gold Rush
3 The Who
Live at Leeds
4 Miles Davis
Bitches Brew
5 Black Sabbath
6 John Lennon
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
7 Curtis Mayfield
8 Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cosmo's Factory
9 Van Morrison
10 Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath
11 George Harrison
All Things Must Pass
12 Art Ensemble of Chicago
Les Stances a Sophie
13 Nick Drake
Bryter Layter
14 Townes Van Zandt
Townes Van Zandt
15 Tim Buckley
16 Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice
Jesus Christ Superstar [Original Concept Recording]
17 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Déjà vu
18 Deep Purple
Deep Purple in Rock
19 Grateful Dead
American Beauty
20 Derek & the Dominos
Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs
21 Santana
22 Simon and Garfunkel
Bridge Over Troubled Water
23 Lee Hazlewood
Cowboy in Sweden
24 Nico
25 Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin III
26 Van Der Graaf Generator
H to He Who Am the Only One
27 Jimi Hendrix
Band of Gypsys
28 Os Mutantes
A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado
29 Cat Stevens
Tea for the Tillerman
30 Spirit
Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
31 The Firesign Theatre
Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers
32 The Rolling Stones
'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!': The Rolling Stones in Concert
33 The Soft Machine
34 Otis Redding / The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Historic Performances Recorded at the Monterey International Pop Festival
35 The Velvet Underground
36 Amon Düül II
37 Grateful Dead
Workingman's Dead
38 Elton John
Tumbleweed Connection
39 Funkadelic
40 Caravan
If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You
41 Captain Beefheart
Lick My Decals Off, Baby
42 Vashti Bunyan
Just Another Diamond Day
43 Freddie Hubbard
Straight Life
44 Alice Coltrane
Ptah, the El Daoud
45 James Brown
Sex Machine: Recorded Live at Home in Augusta, Georgia, With His Bad Self
46 Syd Barrett
The Madcap Laughs
47 Aretha Franklin
Spirit in the Dark
48 Traffic
John Barleycorn Must Die
49 Kris Kristofferson
50 Exuma
51 Various Artists - Festivals / Events - Woodstock
52 Charlie Haden
Liberation Music Orchestra
53 The Beach Boys
54 Freddie Hubbard
Red Clay
55 The Pretty Things
56 The Last Poets
The Last Poets
57 Third Ear Band
Third Ear Band
58 Free
Fire and Water
59 Tim Buckley
60 The Kinks
Lola Versus Powerman and the Money-Go-Round (Part One)
61 John Phillips
John Phillips (John the Wolfking of L.A.)
62 The Allman Brothers Band
Idlewild South
63 James Gang
Rides Again
64 Lucifer's Friend
Lucifer's Friend
65 Linda Perhacs
66 Van Der Graaf Generator
The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other
67 Emitt Rhodes
Emitt Rhodes
68 Frank Zappa
Burnt Weeny Sandwich
69 Antônio Carlos Jobim
Stone Flower
70 Gustav Holst
The Planets [Boston Symphony Orchestra, William Steinberg]
71 T2
It'll All Work Out in Boomland
72 Fotheringay
73 Steeleye Span
Hark! The Village Wait
74 MC5
Back in the USA
75 Can
76 Canned Heat
Future Blues
77 The Doors
Morrison Hotel
78 The Move
79 Mayo Thompson
Corky's Debt to His Father
80 Harry Nilsson
Nilsson Sings Newman
81 The Beatles
Let It Be
82 The Doors
Absolutely Live
83 Amália Rodrigues
Com que Voz
84 Jack S. Margolis & Crew
A Child's Garden of Grass: A Pre-Legalization Comedy
85 Mountain
86 Joni Mitchell
Ladies of the Canyon
87 Don Cherry
"mu" First Part
88 Magma
Magma [Kobaïa]
89 Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes
90 Sir Lord Baltimore
Kingdom Come
91 Fabrizio de André
La buona novella
92 Trees
On the Shore
93 Chicago
Chicago [II]
94 The Meters
Look-Ka Py Py
95 Sweet Smoke
Just a Poke
96 Atomic Rooster
Death Walks Behind You
97 Trader Horne
Morning Way
98 Fairport Convention
Full House
99 Laura Nyro
Christmas and the Beads of Sweat
100 Brainticket

Proszę się nie denerwować, RYM ma użytkowników z całego świata, a gusta są zróżnicowane.
  Relacje z koncertów
Rolling Stonesi...


Mieli zacząć o 21, przyszedłem kilkanaście minut po 16, już była duża kolejka. Bramy otwarto godzinę później. Przy wejściu kontrola, facet mnie obmacywał, ale komórki w kieszeni nie wyczuł, potem jakieś zdjęcia wrzucę. Pogoda wręcz idealna, pochmurna, ale kropiło tylko dwa razy na dziesięć minut.

Support. Oj, śmiali się moi koledzy, że "idę na Tatianę". Zagrała 20 minut, pokręciła tyłkiem i wyszła. Potem jakiś zespół, którego nazwy nie zapamiętałem, ale grał dwa razy dłużej. Niezbyt mi się podobało, głos wokalisty taki wymuszony a i kompozycje średnie. Pół godziny przed 21 minuta ciszy.

Zaczęli z 15 minutowym poślizgiem. Pierwsze dźwięki Start Me Up i szaleństwo! Mam filmik, ale mocno "rozbujany", bo sam się dałem ponieść Wink Mick w BOSKIEJ formie wokalnej, przez cały koncert nie zaśpiewał ani jednego fałszu. Do tego świetny kontakt z publicznością, mówił po polsku ( Exclamation ) nie raz "kochamy was Polska", ale conajmniej sześć razy, "co za noc" (okrzyk zza moich pleców "Let's Spend This Night Together", ale to nie było to, hehe). Setlista:

Start Me Up - jak już pisałem, najlepszy moment koncertu dla mnie
You Got Me Rocking - nie znałem tego ale "heyhey" w refrenie śpiewałem tak głośno, żeby Mick usłyszał, heh. Potem Mick złapał się za serce, myślę - ma zawał dziadek a on się nam ukłonił Wink
Rough Justice - bardzo mi się podobało, szkoda, że ludzie słów nie znali
Ain't Too Proud To Beg - może nie zapamiętałem, ale poprostu wszystkie kawałki były zagrane świetnie
Love Is Strong - też miło
You Can't Always Get What You Want - chóralnie zaśpiewany refren i zabawa Micka z publicznością w Freddiego, ale w konwencji "Aaaaau!". Bawił się i popatrzył się na nas z miną "poddaję się", znowu podziękował
Midnight Rambler
I'll Go Crazy - cover jakiegoś czarnego pana z dawnych lat, było jego zdjęcie na telebilmie, Mick bawił się i dał zaśpiewać zwrotkę babce z chórków, potem z nią tańczył
Tumbling Dice - nie zapamiętałem

gdzieś tu było band introduction, oczywiście wszyscy przywiatni jak należy - GŁOŚNO! i Mick mówiący "na perkuszji Charli Watts"

You Got The Silver - zaśpiewane przez Keitha, balladkowe
I Wanna Hold You - też Keith, bardzo fajny głos ma
Miss You (na mala scene) - tak, scena zaczęła się wysuwać i przejechała po wybiegu 50 metrów, ścisk okropny, ale co tam, Mick był 10 metrów ode mnie!
It's Only Rock'n Roll - tu pewnie lepiej się bawiły dalsze sektory, bo my widzieliśmy tył sceny, ale muzyka świetna
Get Off Of My Cloud - NIE MYŚLAŁEM ŻE TO ZAGRAJĄ! jeden z moich ulubionych utworów, zdarłem gardło
Honky Tonk Women (powrot z malej) - szlaeństwo, mam super fotkę, a w tym czasie na scenie wysunął się jęzor, a Charlie wracał w szaliku Polski Smile
Paint It Black - intro na gitarce miodzio, Mick przebrał się w czerń... diabeł istny, zaczarował publiczność
Jumping Jack Flash - ośmielę się powiedzieć, że to była wersja lepsza od wydanej w 1970 koncertówki Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out.. miodzio
Brown Sugar - zabawa i chóralne odśpiewanie refrenu, panowie znikają, ale my wiemy, że zaraz wrócą bo co to za koncert bez...
...Satisfaction - zaśpiewany wspaniale przez publiczność, Mick PRZEBIEGŁ (tak, w kilka sekund!) ten 50metrowy wybieg, potem już pożegnanie, Keith najpierw przyłożył pięści do klaty a potem taki... wymowny ruch miednicą Wink

Ogólnie było cudownie. Mick w świetnej formie, a jak się ruszał... Tatiana się chowa. Sekcja instrumentalna na medal.

Ja chcę więcej!

Nie wyobrażam sobie teraz lepszego koncertu... Nawet z Dream Theater... Może tylko Q+PR, albo reaktywacja Pink Floydów, ew. Led Zeppelin, heh

Potem może jakieś fotki wrzucę
Miejsca 51 - 30 i już wkraczamy w strefe muzycznych wyżyn, gdyż
są to już przeważnie zespoły w których muzycy posiedli przynajmniej podstawy umiejętności czytania zapisu nutowego

Jednocześnie przepraszam - w wyniku pomyłki w nadawania kolejności miejsc - nie wpisałem miejsca 33, wybaczcie ale musiałbym już zmodyfikowac poprzednie listy, a wiec daje tak jak jest :

50.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjavu ( 53 ) - warcabowicz - 11,WOJTEKK - 8, Tarkus - 16, Windmill - 18,

49.Colosseum - The Grass Is Greener ( 54 ) - Yupy - 24, MirekK - 13, chris - 4, B.J. - 13,
49.Nice, The - Five Bridges ( 54 ) - WOJTEKK - 22, Drummer00 - 22, Andrzej - 10,

48.Young, Neil - After The Gold Rush ( 55 ) - WOJTEKK - 14, Andy - 28, Tarkus - 6, Windmill - 7,

47.Deep Purple - Concerto for Group and Orchestra ( 56 ) - Qnrad - 22, Crowley - 18, Magog - 16,
47.Marsupilami - Marsupilami ( 56 ) - warcabowicz - 16,MirekK - 18, Yer Blue - 22,

46.Barrett, Syd - Barrett ( 57 ) - Qnrad - 10, caterkiller - 20, B.J. - 27,
46.Cressida - Cressida ( 57 ) - warcabowicz - 10,Harold The Barrel - 21, Yupy - 26,
46.Grand Funk Railroad - Live Album ( 57 ) - usandthem - 19, Andy - 4, Tarkus - 21, chris - 2, Andrzej - 11,

45.Stevens, Cat - Tea for the Tillerman ( 58 ) - WOJTEKK - 23, Tarkus - 13, Drummer00 - 4, Andrzej - 18,

44.Grechuta, Marek - Marek Grechuta i Anawa ( 59 ) - Qnrad - 8, Pershing - 17, WOJTEKK - 24, Andy - 2, Windmill - 8,

43.Steamhammer - Mountains ( 62 ) - Peter Hammill - 9, 1532 - 28, MirekK - 4, Windmill - 21,
43.Uriah Heep - ...Very 'eavy...Very 'umble ( 62 ) - Pershing - 3, Majkel - 7, Andy - 12, chris - 1, Crowley - 15, Magog - 10, Andrzej - 14,

42.Barrett, Syd - The Madcap Laughs ( 63 ) - Qnrad - 19, caterkiller - 18, B.J. - 26,

41.Atomic Rooster - Atomic Rooster ( 66 ) - Harold The Barrel - 15, Yupy - 19, WOJTEKK - 16, Yer Blue - 4, Jakuz - 2, Drummer00 - 10,

40.Breakout - 70a ( 67 ) - Qnrad - 7, 1532 - 20, Andy - 9, Windmill - 19, Magog - 12,
40.Doors, The - Absolutely Live ( 67 ) - Qnrad - 9, Windmill - 27, chris - 18, Jakuz - 13,

39.Web, The - I Spider ( 70 ) - warcabowicz - 18,Harold The Barrel - 16, Yupy - 21, MirekK - 15,

38.Free - Highway ( 71 ) - Qnrad - 13, Peter Hammill - 10, usandthem - 22, Windmill - 26,

37.Colosseum - Daughter of Time ( 73 ) - Harold The Barrel - 2, Majkel - 25, MirekK - 12, boczeq - 3, B.J. - 23, Jakuz - 8,
37.Who, The - Live At Leeds ( 73 ) - Peter Hammill - 30, Andy - 19, Tarkus - 19, chris - 5,

36.Nucleus - Elastic Rock ( 74 ) - MirekK - 2, boczeq - 27, Jakuz - 24, Morly - 21,

35.East of Eden - Snafu ( 75 ) - warcabowicz - 3,Peter Hammill - 17, MirekK - 11, Windmill - 30, Magog - 14,
35.Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green ( 75 ) - Majkel - 8, usandthem - 28, Andy - 20, chris - 7, B.J. - 12,

34.Gracious - Gracious ( 79 ) - warcabowicz - 27,Harold The Barrel - 13, MirekK - 19, Yer Blue - 14, Jakuz - 6,

32.Rolling Stones, The - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out ( 80 ) - Qnrad - 25, Pershing - 2, WOJTEKK - 18, Andy - 18, chris - 9, Andrzej - 8,

31.Allman Brothers Band, The - Idlewild South ( 82 ) - 1532 - 13, Pershing - 23, Majkel - 2, chris - 14, B.J. - 21, Drummer00 - 3, Andrzej - 6,
Im BAAAAAACK, where'z da fightin'?

'Lets get dis waaagh goin'!

<Orks are fighting in melee against the forces of chaos>

Mega armoured nob: We be fightin' dem chaos boyz for a long time now. Da imperial boyz before dat was easy but deze boyz. Dey too tough for us!
Mega armoured nob: Dey smash us good less we run!
Nob: You talkin' scared? You're a coward. Dem only humies!
Mega armoured nob: I'ze got more brains than you I sez we run! (Gorgutz appears and starts to speak)
Warboss Gorgutz: And I sez you shut da hell up! I da boss , questions!? Good! We need more boyz for dis 'ere waaagh!
Warboss Gorgutz:Before we take da chaos boyz down good!
Warlord Gorgutz: Dis 'ere is da first of the five big ork clanz.
Warboss Gorgutz: To take 'em we needs to destroy dere big waaagh! banner. That'll teach 'em!

'If the orks get through the titan gate'

<The chaos marines and the orks are shooting eachother>
Warboss Gorgutz: I am da biggest baddest warboss dere is!
Lord Crull: Gorgutz! The titan is mine! Do you hear? Mine!!
Warboss Gorgutz: You'ze a gretchin' git! Da titan is mine. I got here first. I control da gate!
Lord Crull: Don't be a fool even if you have the titan you don't know how to operate it.
Warboss Gorgutz: Da titan is worthless to me! Datz why I'm gonna pound it into scrap!
Lord Crull: You can't!! The titan dominatus is one of the greatest warmachines ever constructed!
Warboss Gorgutz: Wrong ya git! Da greatest warmachine is da ork WAAAGH!!! We don't need no damn tinkin' 'traption to be strong! We iz strong!
Warboss Gorgutz: Listen to 'im screamin' with one voice across da whole planet!
Warboss Gorgutz: WAAAGH!

<Gorgutz goes through the gate>
Lord Crull: You'll regret this Gorgutz. I swear to you I'll rip the flesh from your bones and eat your eyes! All remaining units! Charge the gate!!

<The Chaos marines charge>

'More skulls for da pointy stik'
Warboss Gorgutz: Lets see da waaagh! iz goin' good but dere's somethin' missin'
Mega armoured nob: More skullz?
Warboss Gorgutz:Datz it see! I got me all da skulls of all da warbosses I killed , Sturnnz and dat farseerz skull. So who are missin'? Oh yeah dat git Crull! I need his head for me pointy stik and you know how i'm gettin' 'im to coming after me?
Mega armoured nob: You gonna call him , a grot?
Warboss Gorgutz: We'll call dat plan stupid! I named it after ya. No da way ta get Crull crazy mad is to 'tack his titan. Den he'll come for me.
Warboss Gorgutz: Hey! why'z you grinnin'?
Mega armoured nob: Because you named a plan after me!

'Time to claim Crulls skull!'
Warboss Gorgutz: Crull! Yer pretty skull iz mine!!

<Crull and Gorgutz get into melee>
Lord Crull: I'll gut you. I'll send down Khorne's wrath upon your heads and boil the blood from you veins!

<Gorgutz Grabs crull and kills him>

<Gorgutz leaves to speak to the rest of the orks>
Warboss Gorgutz: I did it! I beat da udda warbosses! Da imperial humies , da eldar and dose chaos boyz and even dem necrons! Dat was a good WAAAGH!
Mega armoured nob: And your pointy stik got plenty of dem skullz! Dose are pretty trophies! What you gonna do next , huh warboss? Dere's nobody left to beat.
Warboss Gorgutz: Datz right! I'ze da biggest baddest warboss on da planet! I wonder where da nearest udda planet iz.

Captain Thule: Your green tide stops here, Ork! You’ll find only death here.
Warlord Gorgutz: I likes that kind ‘a talk, humie. I still gotz room on me stick fer yer ‘ead.
Captain Thule: And I have room for you under my boot, alien.
Captain Thule: Blood Ravens, attack!
Warlord Gorgutz: Hah! Dis iz gonna be fun

Shas'o Kais(when nearing Unity Plaza): The Orks have reached Unity Plaza. Protect the main communications array!
Warlord Gorgutz: Oy! Sounds like we should get hold o' dat tower, boyz!

'Closing cutscene'
<Your sides soilders attack Gorgutz' ork forces>
Warlord Gorgutz: You ain't got me yet!
Warlord Gorgutz: Got me one more surprize for ya!
Ork Nob: Um, Boss? We'ze gettin' shot up.
Warlord Gorgutz: Ain't you da master of da obvious? Use da splosives!
Ork Nob: Da what?
Warlord Gorgutz: Da bomb ya git, da bomb!
<The bomb goes off taking down most of your attack force while Gorgutz and The ork nob manage to escape>
Warlord Gorgutz: Always have yer tunnels dug an' ready.
Ork Nob: You'ze sure iz smart boss
Warlord Gorgutz: Shut it ya git! I got me a whole Waaagh! to rebuild. Now get me da Gork offa dis here planet!
Warlord Gorgutz: You bring yer biggest Chaoz Boyz ‘r what? I don’t want to waste no time on yer little runts.
Eliphas the Inheritor: Your time is the last thing I wish to waste, alien.
Warlord Gorgutz: Then quit yer yappin’ and get to fightin’.
Eliphas the Inheritor: Enjoy your last moments of bravado, Ork.
  Ulubione punchline"y
"damn E, they tried to fade you on Dre Day
But Dre Day only met Eazy's pay day
all of a sudden Dr Dre is a G thang, but on his
old album cover he was a she thang"
Eazy-E - Real Muthaphukkin' G's

"at Deat Row, i hear yer gettin treated like Boot camp
gotta follow yer seargents directions, or get yer ass
pumped with a Smith and Wesson, learn a lesson from the E
Stay in your place and don't step to Real muthaphukkin G's"
Eazy-E - Real Muthaphukkin' G's

"Cuz you know I’m the one that flown,
Ya done run 100 miles, but you still got one to go.
With the l-e-n-c-h m-o-b, and y’all disgrace the c-p-t.
Cuz you’re gettin’ fucked out your green by a white boy,
With no vaseline"
Ice Cube - No Vaseline

"With your manager, fella,
Fuckin’ MC Ren, Dr. Dre, and Yella.
But if they were smart as me,
Eazy-E would be hangin’ from a tree."
Ice Cube - No Vaseline

"Play, with my bone will ya Timmy
It seems like you're good for makin jokes about your jimmy
But here's a jimmy joke about your mama that you might not like
I heard she was the 'Frisco dyke"
Dr. Dre - Dre Day

"Now understand this my nigga Dre can't be touched
Luke's bendin over, so Luke's gettin fucked, busta
Musta, thought I was sleazy
Or though I was a mark cause I used to hang with Eazy"
Dr. Dre - Dre Day

"Spot him, got him, as I pulls out my strap
Got my chrome to the side of his White Sox hat
You tryin to check my homey, you better check yo self
Cuz when you diss Dre you diss yourself, MUTHAFUCKA"
Dr. Dre - Dre Day

"They call me Sin Loc
Yes the G that ain't no joke
The mystery of mess
With a killa Snoop rat flow
See a Slob's brain dread while I'm dippin'
And I'ma hit the fool up
With two C's cause I'm steady crippin'"
Crips - Steady Dippin'

"Now if it's twisted then I twisted for your kid say
See cause I'm roll about mine that means I don't fake
So put your dead rag back into your pocket fool
Only thang you swingin' on us nuts when I drop you"
Crips - Steady Dippin

"I wake up in the morning pop my clip up in my shit
I'm puttin' in work, smokin' a Crab like a bigarette
One more Crab have to die niggas wonder why
I sit back relax - in the cut - as his mama cry"
Bloods & Crips - G's Loc's

"Im C to the M to the G, I'm
B to the L double O muthafuckin' D
It's the O.G. West Side name Lil' Hawkster
Nigga I ain't from Africa
Blood, I'm from Crenshaw Mafia
Bloods & Crips - G's & Loc's

"Sin Loc - quick to put one in your forehead
Shootin' every muthafucka that I catch wearing red"
Bloods & Crips - Bangin' On Wax

"A.W.O.L is comin' strong, a bullet in the 9 trigga
50 percent black but a 100 percent nigga"
Crips - K's Up

"Kick dust and cuss crank up some noise
Police on my drawers, I have to pause
40 ounce in my lap and it's freezing my balls
Hook a right turn and let the boys go past
then I say to myself, "They can kiss my ass""
N.W.A. - 8Ball

"'Cause the niggas I hang with ain't rich (I ain't rich)
We're all saying 'Fuck you bitch!' (Word up!)
Now, what I can do with a hoe like you
Been your ass over then I'm thru'"
N.W.A. - A Bitch Iz A Bitch
  NO ZROBMY TEGO 1000! ;)

Co: Pragnienia / Funky Drummer (perkusja na wstepie)
Album: Stare Miasto / In The Jungle Groove
Rok: 1998 / 1986
Wytwórnia: Polygram / Polydor

Co: Son Of The Blue Sky / When The Levee Breaks
Album: Idol / IV
Rok: ??? / 1971
Wytwórnia: BMG / Atlantic

Co: Konewka (Skit) / The Muppet Show Theme
Album: Koniec Żartów / The Muppet Show 2
Rok: 2001 / 1978
Wytwórnia: Asfalt / Arista

* 52 dębiec - drut
- (bzyczący dźwięk :p) jb's - blow your head

Kto: 52 Dębiec / JB's
Co: Drut / Blow Your Head
Album: P-Ń VI / Damn Right I Am Somebody
Rok: 2003 / 1974
Wytwórnia: UMC / People

Co: 12 Groszy / The Message (beat)
Album: 12 Groszy / The Message
Rok: 1997 / 1982
Wytwórnia: SP Records / Sugar Hill

Co: C.Z.K. / Yes We Can Can
Album: W 63 Minuty Dookoła Świata / Pointer Sisters
Rok: 1997 / 1973
Wytwórnia: SP Records / Blue Thumb

Kto: KALIBER 44 / JB's
Co: Kontem O.K. / Blow Your Head (cut'y)
Album: W 63 Minuty Dookoła Świata / Damn Right I Am Somebody
Rok: 1997 / 1974
Wytwórnia: SP Records / People

Co: Wychylylbymy / Big Beat (perkusja)
Album: 600*C / The Tale Of The Tape
Rok: 2003 / 1980
Wytwórnia: Terror / Capitol

* sss - zespol wzmacniaczy
(asfalt, 2005)
- spoonie g - love rap (beat)

* projektanci - co jest w cenie (feat. sobota)
- michael jackson - thriller (smiech)

* polfader - czterorekie monstrum
- kool and the gang - funky stuff

* brodka - spinning wheel (base drum)
- bubba sparxxx - she tried

* brodka - nazwij go jak chcesz (base drum)
- bubba sparxxx - she tried

* thinkadelic - obiecana zmiemia 2
(album: obiecana ziemia, 2000, ???)
- lee dorsey - get out of my life woman

* kazik - sztos ('rrrrrrr' w refrenie)
- fat boys - stick 'em
poza tym w 'sztosie' jest sampel odglosow godzilli (zaczerpniete najpewniej z dj toolsa mixmastera mikea)

* rozni wykonawcy - dyskoteka pana jacka
intro przed rapowanym kawalkiem jezowskiej 'dyskoteka pana jacka z dreszczykiem'
(album (?): dyskoteka pana jacka 2, polton, 1991)
- michael jackson - thriller

* dmc - turntable masters
(manewry cietego dxwieku,2001)
- run dmc - beats to the rhyme (bazujace na 'nautilusie' b. jamesa)
- jimmy hendrix - purple haze

* kaliber44 -suczka
wokal 'egypt' to na pewno egyptian lover (albo jego projekt- egyptian empire)
chyba z kawalka wlasnie 'egypt'
zreszta ta probka byla powtarzana przez egipcjanina w kilkunastu kawalkach

* liroy - scoobiedoo ya
- (break) lafayette afro rock band - hihache

* liroy - shake yer bootie!
- (break) incredible bongo band - apache

* liroy - look who's here!
- (break) james brown - give it up or turn it a loose (chyba wersja na zywca o ile dobrze pamietam

* liroy - bafangoo
- (break) melvin bliss - synthetic substitution

* liroy - twoya córka!?
- (break) sly & the family stone - sing a simple song

* osa.da.gnoi - (ścieżka 1)
(z jakiejs plyty z 9trackami :?)
- (gitara) jb's - givin' up food for funk

* osa.da.gnoi - gówno z tego rozumiem
- (końcówka,bas) - kay-gees - master plan

* paresłów - pareskreczy
- (ostatni fragment) method man & redman - da rockwilder
  Teksty HC
Tak dla przypomnienia, a wreszcie oficjalne.

Heathen Chemistry go to from july 1st 2002" :)


I get up – when I’m down
I can’t swim – but my soul won’t drown
I do believe – I got flare
I got speed and I walk on air

Cos God gimme soul in your rock’n’roll (babe)
Cos God gimme soul in your rock’n’roll (babe)

And I get so high I just can’t feel it
And I get so high I just can’t feel it

In and out my brain, runnin’ through my veins
Cos you’re my sunshine you’re my rain

There’s a light – that shines on
Shines – on – me – and it keeps me warm
It gimme peace – I must say
I can’t sleep – cos the world won’t wait


Yeah I feel like the force of nature
could make you sing like a bird released
If what you seek is the wise man’s treasure
you know it’s buried beneath your feet
You know you look like faded picture
I see the cracks freezing on your skin
and as the world slowly turns and hits you
that the thieves of the night
are coming to take you in

For smoking all my stash
and burning all my cash
I bet you knew right away
it’s all over town that
the sun’s going down
on the days of your easy life.

I bet you knew right away
you dope you don’t know where it’s at
It’s all over town
that the sun’s gone down
and it’s high time to pray.

Yeah I feel like the force of nature
could make you sing like a bird released
If what you seek is the wise man’s treasure
you know it’s buried beneath your feet
You know you look like a faded picture
I see the cracks frozen on your skin
and as the world slowly turns and hits you
then the thieves of the night
are coming to take you in

For smoking all my stash
and burning all my cash
I bet you knew right away
it’s all over town that
the sun’s going down
on the days of your easy life.

I bet you knew right away
you dope you don’t know where it’s at
It’s all over if you’re begging me please
then get on your knees and pray.

For smoking all my stash
and burning all my cash
I bet you knew right away
it’s all over town that
the sun’s gone down
and it’s high time to pray


I can go where I wanna
Be who I wanna be now
I can sleep under water
Never worried what I’m gonna dream now

Yeah the times come and gone
And I know where I’m from
And can be so…
It’s hasta manana
You’re on your own banana skin feet now

Yeah I’ve been _____ hung in a bad place
Had no _____ sun over my face
Yeah I’ve been _____ hung in a bad place
For too long

I can say what I wanna
Feel how I wanna feel now
I can squeeze all the hours
I choose to devour with ease now

I can sing to the trees
Tarzan on harmonies for free yeah
You’ve been blocked and you’re stalling
Nature is calling for me (you got me!)

Yeah I’ve been _____ hung in a bad place
Had no _____ sun over my face
< Yeah I’ve been _____ hung in a bad place
For too long


Hold up… hold on… don’t be scared
You’ll never change what’s been and gone
May your smile…. Shine on…. Don’t be scared
Your destiny may keep you warm.

Cos all of the stars are fading away
Just try not to worry you’ll see them some day
Take what you need and be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

Get up…. Come on… why you scared
You’ll never change what been and gone


Talking to the songbird yesterday
Flew me to a past not far away
She’s a little pirate in my mind
Singing songs of love to pass the time

Gonna write a song so she can see
Give her all the love she gives to me
Talk of better days that have yet to come
Never felt this love from anyone

She’s not anyone

A man can never dream these kinds of things
Especially when she came and spread her wings
Whispered in my ear the things I’d like
Then she flew away into the night

Gonna write a song so she can see
Give her all the love she gives to me
Talk of better days that have yet to come
Never felt this love from anyone

She’s not anyone


We the people fight for our existence
We don’t claim to be perfect but we’re free
We dream our dreams alone with no resistance
Faded like the stars we wish to be

Y’know I didn’t mean… what I just said
But my God woke up on the wrong side of His bed
And it just don’t matter now

Little by little we gave you everything you ever dreamed of
As little by little the wheels of your life have slowly fallen off
Little by little you have to live it all in all your life
And all the time I just ask myself why are you really here?

True perfection has to be imperfect
I know that that sounds foolish but it’s true
The day has come and now you’ll have to accept
The life inside your head we gave to you


Show me who you are
I’ll show you what you love
I’ll give you half the world if that’s enough

Let me take you down
Let me hear you smile
Let me rest my head here for a while

In the end we’ll leave it all behind
Because the life I think I’m trying to find
Is probably all in the mind

Show me who you are
I’ll show you what you love
I’ll give you all the world if that’s enough


Oh when the sunshine beckons to ya
And your wings begin to unfold
the thoughts you bring and the songs you sing
are gonna keep me from the cold

And if the sword is among ya
and its words may wound my soul
you can fill me up with what you’ve got
cos my heart’s been keeping old

She is love
and her ways are high and steep
She is love
and I believe her when she speaks.
and her ways are high and steep
She is love
and I believe, I do believe her when she speaks.

You’re in all my thoughts of passion
And the dreams of my delight
Whatever stirs my mortal frame
will you keep it warm at night

I don’t know where you come from
no I haven’t got a clue
All I know is I’m in love
with someone who loves me too.


Born on a different cloud
from the ones that have burst round town
It’s no surprise to me
that yer classless, clever and free …

Loaded just like the gun
You’re the hero that’s still unsung
Living on borrowed time
You’re my sun and you’re gonna shine

Talking to myself again
This time I think I’m getting through
It’s funny how you think
It’s funny when you do

Lonely soul
Busy working overtime
Nothing ever gets done
Specially when your hands are tied

Lonely soul
Baking up your mother’s pride
Nothing ever gets done
Not until your war’s won


I wanna love you
I wanna be a better man
I don’t wanna hurt you
I just wanna see what’s in you hand

But all right now, yeah, yeah
Well all right now, yeah, yeah

And I know you’ll understand
And I know you’ll understand

I wanna love you
I wanna be a better man
I don’t wanna hurt you
I just wanna see what’s in you hand

But all right now, yeah, yeah
Well all right now, yeah, yeah

And I know you’ll understand
And I know you’ll understand

I wanna be a better man

I wypada mi sie podpisac pod ostatnim zdaniem :)

  Ambient & Chill Out
1. 2 Heads - Out Of The City (Hardkandy Mix) (2:47)
2. A Man Called Adam - Estelle (6:45)
3. Adrian Enescu - Invisible movies part 1 (3:49)
4. Afterlife - 5th & Avenida (5:18)
5. Afterlife - Blue Bar (6:50)
6. Afterlife - Breather 2000 (Arithunda Mix) (6:02)
7. Afterlife - Breather 2000 (Arithunda Mix) (4:28)
8. afterlife - makes me feel (5:51)
9. Afterlife - Makes Me Feel (4:41)
10. Alex Neri - Asia (5:25)
11. Alien Army - The Classic feat. Dj Gruff (4:21)
12. Altered Ego Feat. Deajay - Dont Rush Me (Las Vegas Chilled Mix) (3:28)
13. alvaro vela - red island (5:41)
14. Amro Diab - Tamally maak (4:31)
15. Anna Vissi - Den Me Agapas (4:34)
16. Arcoiris - Volta Pro Mar (5:05)
17. as one - merdian (max 404 mix) (6:15)
18. autechre - bass caset (6:49)
19. Baby Mammoth - I'm Not Joking (3:29)
20. Badmarsh & Shri - Sitar Ritual (6:20)
21. benjamin diamond - the rain (4:37)
22. Bent - Always (4:47)
23. Bent - So Long Without You (4:19)
24. Bill Laswell - Chacon and Daniel (4:25)
25. Bill Laswell - Chaos In The Heart (Last Transmission) (4:48)
26. Bill Laswell - Dejala En La Puntica (2:20)
27. Bill Laswell - Guerillero Heroico (El Che Vive!) (3:33)
28. Bill Laswell - Habana Transmission 3 # (4:43)
29. Bill Laswell - Hombre Lobo, No! Hombre Nuevo, Si (3:47)
30. Bill Laswell - Los Ibellis (6:37)
31. Bill Laswell - Loungin With F.E. (1:08)
32. Bill Laswell - Madre No Me Pida In Dub (3:36)
33. Bill Laswell - Para Clave Y Guaguanco (3:03)
34. Bill Laswell - Pompa At The House (1:52)
35. Bill Laswell - Shango (1:15)
36. Blank & Jones - desire (ambient mix) (4:33)
37. Blank & Jones - The Hardest Heart (Ambient Mix) (feat. Anne Clark) (4:36)
38. blizznizz - stage of rising (4:05)
39. blue states - diamente (4:21)
40. brian eno - regiment (3:01)
41. Budda Bar I - After (5:31)
42. Budda Bar I - Arabian song (6:38)
43. Budda Bar I - Danja (5:01)
44. Budda Bar I - Den me agapas (4:05)
45. Budda Bar I - Funky for You (4:37)
46. Budda Bar I - I love You (4:21)
47. Budda Bar I - Invisible (10:32)
48. Budda Bar I - Kale (1:37)
49. Budda Bar I - Night in Lenasia (3:52)
50. Budda Bar I - Solitude (6:21)
51. Budda Bar I - Spiral dance (5:41)
52. Budda Bar I - Starlight in Daden (4:50)
53. Budda Bar I - Sudiam (7:41)
54. Budda Bar I - Tango serenato de Schubert (3:29)
55. Cafe del mar - 4 wings- Penelope (6:11)
56. Cafe del mar - A new funky generation feat. Marika- Lubumba 98 (4:53)
57. Cafe del mar - A new funky generation- The messenger (3:47)
58. Cafe del mar - A.R. Rohman- Mumbai theme numer (5:13)
59. Cafe Del Mar - Afterline - Sunrise (6:29)
60. Cafe del mar - Aftrlife- Dub in ya mind (5:14)
61. Cafe del mar - Ame strong- Tout est blue (3:42)
62. Cafe Del Mar - Ben Onono - Tatouage Bleu (4:00)
63. Cafe del mar - Bugge wesseltoft- Existence (7:03)
64. Cafe del Mar - ChillHouse Mix 2 / cd 1 (70:50)
65. Cafe del mar - Cyberfit- Pojo pojo (5:02)
66. Cafe Del Mar - Dido - Worthless (7:49)
67. Cafe Del Mar - Digby Jones - Pina Colada (6:14)
68. Cafe del mar - Dusty Springfield- The look of love (3:41)
69. Cafe del mar - Dzihan&Kamiem- Homebase (7:15)
70. Cafe del mar - Electribe 101- Talking with myself 98 (7:02)
71. Cafe del mar - Endorphine- Satie 1 (3:08)
72. Cafe Del Mar - Goldfrapp - Utopia (3:09)
73. Cafe del mar - Humate- 3.2 bedrock (7:01)
74. Cafe Del Mar - Illumination - Cookie Raver (5:25)
75. Cafe del mar - Jelly&Fish- Appreciation (3:46)
76. Cafe del mar - Jose Padilla- Adios Ayer (5:35)
77. Cafe Del Mar - Lamb - Gabriel (4:19)
78. Cafe del mar - Lamb- Transfatty acid (6:44)
79. Cafe del mar - Les negresses vertes- Face a'la mer (5:39)
80. Cafe del mar - Levitation- More then ever people (7:20)
81. Cafe del mar - Mandala- Beautiful (4:34)
82. Cafe del mar - Marc Collin- Les kid nappeuss (4:12)
83. Cafe Del Mar - Mari Boine - Gula Gula (4:48)
84. Cafe Del Mar - Mark de Clive-Lowe - Day by Day (5:55)
85. Cafe del mar - Moonrock- I'll street blues (3:46)
86. Cafe del mar - Nitin Sauhney- Homelands (5:59)
87. Cafe del mar - Nookie feat. Larry Hearch- Paradise (5:00)
88. Cafe del mar - Paco Fernandez- Mani (5:15)
89. Cafe del mar - Paco Fernandez- On home (4:23)
90. Cafe del mar - Rea&Christian- A distant invitation (5:14)
91. Cafe del mar - Salt tank- Angels landing (5:35)
92. Cafe Del Mar - Sculpture - Apache (4:51)
93. Cafe del mar - Talvin Singh- Traveler (5:51)
94. Cafe del mar - The ballistic brothers- Uschi's groove (3:24)
95. Cafe Del Mar - Thomas Newman - Any Other Name (4:07)
96. Cafe del mar - Wim Mertens- Close cover (3:12)
97. Cafe Del Mar 7 - 68 Moves (3:42)
98. Cafe Del Mar 7 - A New Funky Generation feat. Joy Rose (4:10)
99. Cafe Del Mar 7 - Beautiful Strange (6:16)
100. Cafe Del Mar 7 - Cahuita (4:52)
101. Cafe Del Mar 7 - Easy Rider (4:54)
102. Cafe Del Mar 7 - Letting The Cables Sleep (The N (5:23)
103. Cafe Del Mar 7 - R (4:55)
104. Cafe Del Mar 7 - Sunbeams (4:21)
105. Cafe Del Mar 7 - Swollen (6:46)
106. Cafe Del Mar 7 - Whispering Wind (6:04)
107. Cafe Del Mar 7 - Winter Pagent (3:57)
108. cafe del mar volume 2 - (the making of (4:41)
109. cafe del mar volume 2 - a man called adam & eddie parke (8:04)
110. cafe del mar volume 2 - blinky bl (6:15)
111. cafe del mar volume 2 - entre dos aguas (6:00)
112. cafe del mar volume 2 - everybody loves the suns (3:36)
113. cafe del mar volume 2 - feel good (5:30)
114. cafe del mar volume 2 - haunted dan (5:46)
115. cafe del mar volume 2 - moment scale (dubmaster x remix (6:08)
116. cafe del mar volume 2 - sabor de verano (6:28)
117. cafe del mar volume 2 - sargasso sea (7:18)
118. cafe del mar volume 2 - tarenah (chill mix) (6:21)
119. cafe del mar volume 2 - unitiy (5:36)
120. cafe del mar volume 2 - votion (4:24)
121. Carlos Campos & Ravin - Nirvana Lounge (Tribal Mix) (6:53)
122. Carlos Campos - Salsa Tronic (3:56)
123. castle x - behind (deeper mix) (4:06)
124. CDM - Many rivers to cross (5:26)
125. centuries - a million miles away (4:07)
126. Charles Schillings - No Communication, No Love (Devastating) (3:59)
127. Chiaroscuro - Sale La Luna (feat. Noemi) (5:00)
128. Chicane - Offshore (ambient Mix) (7:01)
129. Chungking - Sunday's Rule (4:31)
130. Cicada - Golden Blue (3:54)
131. cinematic - off the wall (4:56)
132. Compilation - Fila Brazillia - Place De La Concorde (5:49)
133. Cosmos - Take me With You (Instrumental Radio Edit) (3:58)
134. Cuba - Black Island (Groove Armada's Desert Island Disc) (4:17)
135. cybophonia & cortesi - harem oceao (8:21)
136. Cybophonia - Cut And Paste (Keigo Tanaka Rmx) (5:20)
137. DAB - The Blues (6:35)
138. david holmes - rodney yates (6:09)
139. David Visan & Carlos Campos - Crystal Heart (5:51)
140. David Visan - Allesandro Safina - Diva Mea (4:20)
141. David Visan - Angélique Kidjo - Summertime (3:26)
142. David Visan - Bally Sagoo - Dil Cheez (6:06)
143. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Alien Soap Opera - Voladores (B.L.I.M. remix) (6:13)
144. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Da Lata - Binti (4:41)
145. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Darmadar - Meu Deus (4:55)
146. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Jolly Mukherjee with the Madras Cinematic Orchestra Fusebox - Kirwani (mix) (6:19)
147. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Masters At Work - Brazilian Beat (feat. Lilliana)(Radio Rio edit) (2:37)
148. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Natacha Atlas - Kidda (4:41)
149. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Nawal Al Zoughbi - El Layali (4:02)
150. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Nitin Sawhney - Homelands (8:08)
151. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Stan Lefort & JC Sindress - Aravibes (3:52)
152. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - The Boyz From Brazil - The Land Of Make Believe (10:56)
153. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Thierry Robin - Rumba Do Vesou (Live Version) (5:49)
154. David Visan - Chill Out In Paris (Disc 2 - Time Passing - Dance With Me (6:12)
155. David Visan - David Visan - Crystal Heart (5:46)
156. David Visan - Enrico Experience - Bineh El Barah Ouel Liom (4:55)
157. David Visan - Harri Lake - This Voiceless Cry (3:39)
158. David Visan - Kayah & Bergovic - To Nieptak - Not A Bird - Non E Un Uccello (4:27)
159. David Visan - Lemongrass - A Journey To A Star (3:19)
160. David Visan - Medea - Dove Vai (4:48)
161. David Visan - Paul Schwartz - Ave Maria (4:19)
162. David Visan - Paul Schwartz - Misere (5:58)
163. David Visan - Sa Trincha - Live From Heart (3:19)
164. David Visan - Sina Vodjani - Vision Of Mahakala (5:54)
165. David Visan - Thierry David - Lodi Garden (5:52)
166. Deadly Avenger - Day One (3:44)
167. Deadly Avenger - We Took Pelham (2:37)
168. deep belief - questions (5:36)
169. Deepak Ram - A night in Lenasia (3:41)
170. Delerium - Enchanted (6:00)
171. departure - portable (4:50)
172. destiny - blu (4:02)
173. Digitano & Cdm - Rajamanta (4:23)
174. discordia - trumpets of dawn (3:42)
175. DJ Cheb I Sabbah - 04 (4:46)
176. DJ Cheb i Sabbah - Kese Kese - TGU Remix (6:19)
177. dj Cheb i Sabbah - Shri Durga (11:13)
178. DJ Cheb i Sabbah - The Nada Brahman Mix: Yoga of Sound (6:55)
179. DJ Cheb I Sabbah - timothy leary - utopian diarie (6:00)
180. Dj Sammy & Yanou feat. Do - Heaven (Candlelight Mix) (3:29)
181. Doctor Rockit - Cafe De Flore (Charles Webster's Latin Lovers Mix) (4:47)
182. Dolphin Boy - Don't Stop (3:42)
183. doppelganger - junk (4:52)
184. Dr. Luke - Every Time (5:30)
185. Drafting Shadows - Leaving La Habana (Peaceful) (6:34)
186. Dxnote - Upstream (4:02)
187. Eden - Mavis (4:26)
188. edge of motion - memories of the future (13:01)
189. Eighth Wave - Panama Bazaar (6:42)
190. Ekova - Straight in Daden (Aurora Remix) (4:48)
191. Emmanuel Santarromana - Chinese Bubbles (5:22)
192. essence - dreaming (t.ts dub mix) (6:16)
193. etienne de crecy - prix choc (alex gopher tax m.. (5:46)
194. fatboy slim feat. macy gray - demons (3:59)
195. Fila Brazilia - New Chaos (1:45)
196. Fila Brazilia - the light of jesus (8:41)
197. Fila Brazillia - 01 - Old Codes (1:17)
198. Fila Brazillia - 6ft Wasp (9:25)
199. Fila Brazillia - A Wince Of Sumo (2:11)
200. Fila Brazillia - A Zed And 2 Ls (3:52)
201. Fila Brazillia - A Zed and Two L's (9:26)
202. Fila Brazillia - ACR - Samba 123 (6:24)
203. Fila Brazillia - At Home In Space (10:28)
204. Fila Brazillia - Big Saddle (4:58)
205. Fila Brazillia - Billy Goat Groupies (3:36)
206. Fila Brazillia - Black Uhuru - Boof 'n' Baff 'n' Biff (8:18)
207. Fila Brazillia - Blood (5:33)
208. Fila Brazillia - Bovine Funk (6:39)
209. Fila Brazillia - Bulls Dozing (6:03)
210. Fila Brazillia - Bumpkin Riots (5:59)
211. Fila Brazillia - But Momma (4:55)
212. Fila Brazillia - Chaser - Blue Planet (4:50)
213. fila brazillia - dervish controller (4:37)
214. Fila Brazillia - DJ Food - Freedom (8:22)
215. Fila Brazillia - Do the Hale-Bopp (6:08)
216. Fila Brazillia - DP's R Us (2:31)
217. Fila Brazillia - Euphoria - Delirium (5:41)
218. Fila Brazillia - Extract of Pineal Gland (7:14)
219. Fila Brazillia - Feathery Legs (8:22)
220. Fila Brazillia - Fila Brazillia (1:26)
221. Fila Brazillia - Fila Brazillia - A Zed & 2 l's (6:01)
222. Fila Brazillia - Fila Brazillia - Place de la C (5:49)
223. Fila Brazillia - Fila Funk (18:53)
224. Fila Brazillia - Firelanes (5:32)
225. Fila Brazillia - Hairy Insides (6:50)
226. Fila Brazillia - Hairy Insides (6:50)
227. Fila Brazillia - Half Man Half Granary Thorax (1:39)
228. Fila Brazillia - Harmonicas are Shite (6:31)
229. Fila Brazillia - Heat Death Of The Universe (7:44)
230. Fila Brazillia - Her Majestys Hokey Cokey (4:35)
231. Fila Brazillia - Here Comes Pissy Willy (4:22)
232. Fila Brazillia - Howard Dan Ryan (5:34)
233. Fila Brazillia - Infesticons - Hero Theme (3:10)
234. Fila Brazillia - It Loved To Happen (1:08)
235. Fila Brazillia - Lamb - Cottonwool (8:14)
236. Fila Brazillia - Laying Down the Law of the Lan (5:03)
237. Fila Brazillia - Leggy (6:40)
238. fila brazillia - leonids (8:16)
239. Fila Brazillia - Lieut, Gingivitis Shit (5:10)
240. Fila Brazillia - Lieut. Gingivitis Shit (5:10)
241. Fila Brazillia - Little Dipper (6:01)
242. Fila Brazillia - Little Hands Rouge (5:50)
243. Fila Brazillia - Moloko - Lotus Eaters (5:56)
244. fila brazillia - nature boy (3:54)
245. Fila Brazillia - Nepalese Fish Dances (6:37)
246. Fila Brazillia - New Direction (7:03)
247. Fila Brazillia - New Direction (Freakpower remix) (7:03)
248. Fila Brazillia - Obrigado (3:52)
249. Fila Brazillia - On Yer Haunches (4:51)
250. Fila Brazillia - On Yer Haunches (4:50)
251. Fila Brazillia - Onc Mongaani (9:21)
252. Fila Brazillia - Phosphorous - Asthma (6:43)
253. fila brazillia - pigs blood and chalk (4:14)
254. Fila Brazillia - Place De La Concorde (5:49)
255. Fila Brazillia - Pollo de Palo (7:45)
256. Fila Brazillia - Ponga - Awesome Wells (4:54)
257. Fila Brazillia - President Chimp Toe (4:08)
258. Fila Brazillia - Ridden Pony (3:20)
259. Fila Brazillia - Robin Jones - Royal Rumba (5:14)
260. Fila Brazillia - rustic bellyflop (4:40)
261. Fila Brazillia - Serratia Marcescens (3:56)
262. Fila Brazillia - Simple Man (8:24)
263. Fila Brazillia - Slacker (11:10)
264. Fila Brazillia - Snake Ranger (7:55)
265. Fila Brazillia - Soft Music Under Stars (10:10)
266. Fila Brazillia - Space Hearse (6:07)
267. Fila Brazillia - Strange Thoughts (5:26)
268. Fila Brazillia - Subtle Body (9:04)
269. fila brazillia - swann todd (3:19)
270. Fila Brazillia - Swish T' Swish (0:20)
271. fila brazillia - The Beta Band - it's not too beautiful (6:32)
272. Fila Brazillia - The Bugs Will Bite (4:56)
273. Fila Brazillia - The Last of the Red Hot Brethren (2:15)
274. Fila Brazillia - The New Cannonball (4:36)
275. Fila Brazillia - The Orb - Toxygene (6:05)
276. Fila Brazillia - The Return of the Red Hot Brethren (2:13)
277. Fila Brazillia - The Return of the Red Hot Brethren (2:10)
278. Fila Brazillia - The Speewah (5:23)
279. Fila Brazillia - The Swingle Singers - Prelude & Fugue In C Minor (1:47)
280. Fila Brazillia - Throwing Down A Shape (5:19)
281. fila brazillia - trivia (3:53)
282. Fila Brazillia - Tunstall And Californ. Haddock (3:38)
283. Fila Brazillia - U.N.K.L.E. - Berry Meditation (6:44)
284. Fila Brazillia - Unforscene - Nuclear Symphony (4:51)
285. Fila Brazillia - Van Allens Belt (9:54)
286. Fila Brazillia - Wavy Gravy (4:37)
287. Fila Brazillia - Weasel Out The Muck (6:43)
288. Fila Brazillia - Wigs, Bifocals, and Nourishmen (8:08)
289. Fila Brazillia - Xique - Xique (6:23)
290. Floppy Sounds - Late Night (Saux Real Vocal Mix) (3:51)
291. Flying Pop's - Love The DJ (6:19)
292. Frederick Rousseau - Danya (4:35)
293. Freeman - My Dear Masters (7:54)
294. freezone - rock it (5:13)
295. Future Loop Foundation - I Love Her More In Summertime (3:52)
296. Future Loop Foundation with Michael Conn - My Movie Is Like Life (4:46)
297. g.s.m. - calm storm (5:54)
298. Ginkgo - A New Life (5:18)
299. Gotan Project - Triptico (8:17)
300. Greed feat Lesley - Strange World (Van Bellen Mix) (3:13)
301. Groove Amada - Healing (4:09)
302. groove armada - your song (7:37)
303. Gustavo Montesano - Tango serenato de Schubert (3:27)
304. Habana Transmission 1 # - Avisale A La Vecina Dub (4:57)
305. Habana Transmission 2 # - Cuban Evolution (4:39)
306. Halibut - Frame (5:59)
307. hanoi - shine (4:28)
308. Hasan Cihat Orter - Flirting Shadows (Sahnaz Longa) (4:08)
309. Heather Nova - Gloomy Sunday (3:46)
310. homelife - firefly (2:50)
311. Igor - La Barriolita (3:44)
312. Ikarus - Mr. Brown (3:47)
313. In Da Gladiaz - Shakti (5:26)
314. Indo-aminata - Leo Leo (4:47)
315. indulge - any born dream (4:04)
316. infesticons - hero theme (3:10)
317. J.Axel feat. Astrid Suryanto - You Give Me (Rain Edit) (4:56)
318. j.p. - night waiting (4:49)
319. jaffa - elevator (4:57)
320. Jakatta feat. Seal - My Vision (Summer In White Edit) (3:20)
321. Jamyang - Oliver Said (3:47)
322. jazzanova - bohemain sunset (6:39)
323. Jazzelicious - Sambossa (4:54)
324. Jesse Cook - On walks the night (6:34)
325. Jestofunk - Walk Like A Baby (5:11)
326. Jo Manji - beyond the sunset (5:45)
327. john barry - the persuaders theme (2:02)
328. John Kaizan Neptune - Golden lotus (4:07)
329. John Martyn - Sunshines Better (Talvin Sing (5:48)
330. Jose Padila - Que Bonito (5:57)
331. Jose Padilla - Agua (7:39)
332. José Padilla - Walking On Air (6:14)
333. joy - joy and pain (5:15)
334. Julee Cruise - The Orbiting Beatnik (3:51)
335. Julia Messenger - I Miss You (3:29)
336. Kaleidoscopio - Temp Que Valer (Electro Bossa Mix) (3:47)
337. Kalliope - lunar landings (4:28)
338. Karen Ramirez - Troubled Girl (Spanish Ver) (4:19)
339. Karunesh - Solitude (6:19)
340. kelis - suspended (4:29)
341. Khromozomes feat. Kristin Mainhart - Comfortable (4:26)
342. Kinema - Katia (5:05)
343. kinobe - grass roots horizon (6:33)
344. Kluster - I Feel Love (Eric Kupper Dubstrumental Mix) (3:13)
345. Kodo - Strobe's Nanafushi (Satori Mix) (4:56)
346. Koop - Waltz For Koop (Bacon & Quarmby Remix) (2:21)
347. Kruder And Dorfmeister - Original Bedroom Rockers (4:47)
348. Krystal k - Lets Get It Right (Dirty Trikz Fake Remix) (3:36)
349. land of dreams - dreams (5:57)
350. laser - sunrise from a hill (6:51)
351. Layo & Bushwacker - Love Story (3:17)
352. Lazybatusu - 8.00 Am (6:20)
353. Leftfield - Fanfare Of Life (6:07)
354. Leonardo Caimi - Camarňn (6:24)
355. Les Jumeaux - Miracle Road (6:54)
356. Levitation - Out Of Time (4:34)
357. Liquid Todd feat. Roc Raida - Psycho Social (4:44)
358. Lockhart - My Friends The Whales (4:56)
359. lop shop - hypericum (6:54)
360. Lovers lane - island memories (original mix) (5:21)
361. ltj bukem feat. elliot - sunrain (vocal) (7:29)
362. Ltj Experience - Empty Street (6:32)
363. Lux - Northern Lights (5:33)
364. M - Feeling Your Spirit Calling (Afterlife Lounge Remix) (3:40)
365. Manuel Franjo - Solo por tu amor (3:20)
366. Manuel Franjo - Solo Por Tu Amor (3:34)
367. Martin Grech - Open Heart Zoo (3:32)
368. marvin gaye - t plays it cool (4:01)
369. masters - in dreams (6:28)
370. Metheny, Pat - Sueno Con Mexico (5:56)
371. ministry of sound - amber - sexual - afterlife mix (4:26)
372. ministry of sound - bedrock - beautiful strange - (4:01)
373. ministry of sound - energy 52 - cafe del mar - mic (3:47)
374. ministry of sound - jakatta - american dream - rad (3:26)
375. Ministry Of Sound - Kota (2:25)
376. ministry of sound - leftfield - melt (3:52)
377. Ministry Of Sound - Ministry Of Sound - Chill Out Session - 13 - Lemon Jelly - (2:27)
378. ministry of sound - william orbit - barbers adagio (1:47)
379. ministry of sound - york - the awakening - mellow (5:15)
380. Miro - Emotions Of Paradise (7:58)
381. Miro - The cure (sunshine mix) (5:34)
382. Moby - In This World (3:20)
383. moby - porzelain (4:01)
384. Moby - Rushing (2:51)
385. Moloko - Sing it Back (Herbert's Tasteful Dub) (4:27)
386. Moodswings - Opium (@45 Degrees) (3:44)
387. Moodswings - Redemption Songs (6:41)
388. mr. scruff - get a move on (7:00)
389. Mr. Swen G' feat. Inusa - Morning light (coffee shop remix) (8:11)
390. Nacho Sotomayor - Don't Do Anything (4:40)
391. Nacho Sotomayor - Remember You (4:49)
392. Nicos - Secret love (3:41)
393. nightmares on wax & de la soul - keep on (5:59)
394. nightmares on wax - les nuits (5:36)
395. Nightmares On Wax - Nights Interlude (3:27)
396. Nightmares On Wax - Stars (4:56)
397. Nitin Sawhney - Breathing Light (3:54)
398. No,No,No (Jask Thaisoul Mix) - No,No,No (Jask Thaisoul Mix) (3:13)
399. Nova Nova - Tones (6:18)
400. nu spirit - emotions (5:33)
401. Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Suprise (3:32)
402. Obiman - On The Rocks (6:24)
403. Ohm Guru - Dolphins (3:13)
404. OhmG & Bruno - On Your Skin (5:54)
405. Oliver Shanti & friends - Sacral Nirvana (5:07)
406. Orange Factory - The Windmills Of Your Mind (3:42)
407. ORG Lounge - Amon Dur (3:44)
408. Osman Ismen - Kale (4:21)
409. outside - blue skies (6:14)
410. Paco Fernandez - Grillos (5:14)
411. Paperclip People - Throw (3:44)
412. pathfinder - choices (5:00)
413. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Music For A Found (2:58)
414. Phil Mison - Lula (6:27)
415. philippe vass - free spirit (5:32)
416. Phobos - Edge Of Forever (4:08)
417. plastic buddha - hammok harmony (4:01)
418. Platon Andritsakis - Via Payuta (3:47)
419. plazza - beach drifter (3:59)
420. Pluton Kids - Bar Zilla (5:50)
421. Pressure Drop - Dusk (5:44)
422. prince alla - bucket bottom (2:43)
423. purple nine - moodswings (5:07)
424. Quantic - Time is the enemy (3:52)
425. quarter - bongo numer (5:52)
426. quest - the world (4:18)
427. Rae & Christian - Blazing The Crop (2:03)
428. Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band - Nikita (4:41)
429. Ravi Prasad - Indian Gipsy (4:50)
430. Remote - Postcard (5:45)
431. Reno - Thinking About The Good Times (3:05)
432. Rhian Sheehan - Garden Children (4:49)
433. Royksopp - Poor Leno (Jakatta Mix) (3:15)
434. Rue du soleil - troya (7:05)
435. Rue Du Soleil - In My Heart (5:14)
436. Sabres Of Paradise - Smokebelch II (4:16)
437. Shakedown - At Night (Afterlife Mix) (3:36)
438. Shiny - Refuse (5:40)
439. sidewinder - flight (3:52)
440. Sisterlove - The Hypnotist (9:01)
441. smith & mighty - move you run (2:12)
442. snooze - malandro (4:05)
443. So fine - a day in the sun (4:49)
444. Soft wave - plenitude part 2 (5:51)
445. son of man - evolution (4:28)
446. Soul Bossa Trio - Rain Flow (4:38)
447. Soul Quality Quartet - I'm Not Here (5:35)
448. St. Germain - Dub Experience (3:14)
449. Stan Getz - Street Tattoo (5:18)
450. Stephane Popougnac - PNC Aux Portes (6:19)
451. stereo action unlimited - hi-fi trumpet (4:06)
452. Stigmato Inc. - My Deep And Magical Ambient (Guitar Version) (4:28)
453. Substructure - Firewire (5:31)
454. Sun Electric - Sundance (4:28)
455. Supreme Beings Of Leisure - Never The Same (3:53)
456. sven van hees - flute salad (4:02)
457. T Spigot - Squelch (3:33)
458. Tabula Rasa - Sunset At The Cafe Del Mar (6:53)
459. tai-fun - space food (6:58)
460. Talvan Singh - Veena (4:19)
461. Terra Del Sol - Sea Goddess (5:16)
462. the beta band - it's not too beautiful (6:32)
463. the swingle sisters - prelude & fugue in c minor (1:47)
464. The Tao Of Groove - She Ran Around (Midnight Mix) (5:46)
465. the underays - ray of light (7:05)
466. Thrillseekers - Dreaming Of You (Tranquilo's Ambient Mix) (3:19)
467. Tosca - Chocolate Elvis (4:57)
468. Trio Mafua - Quente (4:08)
469. Troublemakers - Chez Roger Boite Funk (4:14)
470. Tulku - Spiral dance (5:39)
471. ultramarine - on the brink (7:04)
472. under the sun - waves of the sun (7:30)
473. Underworld - Second Hand (9:01)
474. Underworld - Sola Sistim (4:47)
475. unforscene - nuclear symphony (4:51)
476. United Peace Voices - Ohm Ha Hum (4:40)
477. Ursula 1000 - The Girl From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. (4:37)
478. VA - After the Moon (5:04)
479. VA - Desert Wind (7:03)
480. VA - Embrace (6:02)
481. VA - For Want of Her (4:03)
482. VA - Gift of Love (5:24)
483. VA - Lovers Embrace (5:29)
484. VA - Majorca (4:55)
485. VA - Mystery of the Seven Chakras (3:18)
486. VA - Red Muladhara (5:36)
487. VA - Serpentine (4:46)
488. VA - Soar Angelic (8:32)
489. Vargo - The Moment (Original Mix) (5:37)
490. Various Artists - A New Funky Generation - The Messenger (3:47)
491. Various Artists - A New Life - Ginkgo (4:47)
492. Various Artists - Afterlife - Falling (5:37)
493. Various Artists - Air - Kelly Watch The Stars (3:45)
494. Various Artists - Allah y atik bissabar sennia ul bir - Anelo Capuano (5:09)
495. Various Artists - Ambala - Pramod Upadyaya (4:31)
496. Various Artists - Back To New York - Stepanie B (5:56)
497. Various Artists - Blowin' Drums - Next Evidence (7:28)
498. Various Artists - Brightlight - Feeling Weird (6:24)
499. Various Artists - Cam (3:38)
500. Various Artists - Chateau Flight (4:12)
501. Various Artists - Colors Of My Shy - D.D.D. (5:08)
502. Various Artists - Czerkinsky (3:43)
503. Various Artists - Da Taz (3:42)
504. Various Artists - Deep & Wide - Seven Seas (5:26)
505. Various Artists - Easter Song (A Man Called Adam) (4:38)
506. Various Artists - El Hilwadi - Ahmed Abdalla (3:26)
507. Various Artists - Emmanuel Santarromana (5:15)
508. Various Artists - Fluff - Mums (6:35)
509. Various Artists - Flying Pops (6:43)
510. Various Artists - Fo hommage a Bouddha - Chen Xin Qi (3:36)
511. Various Artists - For My Mother - Daddy Guts Lanciano (3:46)
512. Various Artists - Ganesh - Norbu Sherpa (6:15)
513. Various Artists - Givin My All - Lanoiraude (3:41)
514. Various Artists - Gotan Project (5:19)
515. Various Artists - Hhalouni (Claude Challe & Steeve Remix) Exclusive - Karmix (6:26)
516. Various Artists - Hoomba Hoomba (Voice of Africa) (4:54)
517. Various Artists - Hozer - Fikret Erkol (4:50)
518. Various Artists - Hum Hum - Troublemakers (1:41)
519. Various Artists - Inspiration - Reminisnence Quartet (3:48)
520. Various Artists - Jeanne Moreau (1:56)
521. Various Artists - Jungle - Julian Jabe (5:29)
522. Various Artists - La Pollaso Collaro (Gonzalez Martinez) (4:48)
523. Various Artists - La Rocca - Island of God (3:32)
524. Various Artists - Le Palona (Dove Beat) (3:35)
525. Various Artists - Le Peuple De L'Herbe (3:43)
526. Various Artists - Le Tone (3:28)
527. Various Artists - Llorca (5:52)
528. Various Artists - Mantra Chanting - Dorjee (5:22)
529. Various Artists - Moliendo Cafe - Wayna Taki (5:56)
530. Various Artists - Moodorama (4:46)
531. Various Artists - Moonrock - I'll Street Blues (3:46)
532. Various Artists - Morning Flute (USG) (5:06)
533. Various Artists - Music & The Rhythm - Playin' 4 the City (3:37)
534. Various Artists - My Mama Said - St Germain (4:46)
535. Various Artists - New World (Attaboy) (5:16)
536. Various Artists - Nimbus - Subconcious Mind (5:51)
537. Various Artists - OB. One (4:24)
538. Various Artists - PNC Aux Portes - Stepahne Pompugnac (5:35)
539. Various Artists - Popozo - Luckson Padeau (3:31)
540. Various Artists - Pure Land - Tsering Choedon Of Nagi Gompa Monastery (4:34)
541. Various Artists - Radhe Krishna (The Babu Chandidasa Mix) - dj Cheb i Sabbah (8:56)
542. Various Artists - Run To Me (Deep Edit) Exclusive - Bomac (5:06)
543. Various Artists - Salsa Poumtchak Yeah - Bill Is Out (4:49)
544. Various Artists - Schudel Floss (Dr Atomic) (5:26)
545. Various Artists - Shankara - Prabhu Dhakal (5:40)
546. Various Artists - Single Cell Orchestra - Transmit Liberation (6:42)
547. Various Artists - Slow Resurrection (Medway) (4:09)
548. Various Artists - Solaris Heights - Elementis (7:28)
549. Various Artists - Soul Unit - Kojak (5:30)
550. Various Artists - Sporto Hantes (3:38)
551. Various Artists - Stereo Action Unlimited (4:00)
552. Various Artists - Sueno Latino (Sueno Latino) (10:23)
553. Various Artists - Sunset (Coco Steel & Lovebomb) (4:23)
554. Various Artists - Thadhami - Shwe Yee Win (5:27)
555. Various Artists - The Beach (Chris Coco & Stonebridge) (5:21)
556. Various Artists - The Mighty Bop (3:31)
557. Various Artists - Thien Mi Ti Ai - Sally (5:27)
558. Various Artists - Tommy Hools (2:54)
559. Various Artists - Toshinori Kondo - Out (3:30)
560. Various Artists - Truby Trio - Prima Vera (6:19)
561. Various Artists - Weekender (Sunday Session) (5:27)
562. Various Artists - Zimpala (5:18)
563. Varoius Artists - Adios Andalucia - Eric Fernandez (3:08)
564. Varoius Artists - Balafia - Cantoma (5:21)
565. Varoius Artists - Breathing Light - Nitin Sawhney (4:33)
566. Varoius Artists - Cha cha cha - Mo Horizons (5:16)
567. Varoius Artists - Col Vert - Bielka Nemirovski (4:45)
568. Varoius Artists - How Fare This Spot - Sarah Brightman (1:37)
569. Varoius Artists - Love Secret - Makis Ablianitis (3:37)
570. Varoius Artists - Maid Aiggot Muimma Eallin - Mari Boine (6:12)
571. Varoius Artists - Roshni - Mungal (3:29)
572. Varoius Artists - Sutukung - Organic Grooves (6:46)
573. Varoius Artists - Tears for Yazs - The Amalgamation of Soundz (6:03)
574. Varoius Artists - The Love Dance - Mystic Diversions (5:27)
575. Varoius Artists - Weghalawtac - Amr Diab (3:25)
576. Varoius Artists - Zambra Rmx - Francisco & Nacho Satomayor (5:19)
577. Ver Vlads - Crazy Ivan (6:34)
578. Voices Of Kwahn A.D. - Return Journey (6:12)
579. Waldeck - Aquarius (4:29)
580. Wasis Diop Feat Lena Fiagbe - No Sant (Flytronix Mix) (4:56)
581. Weekend Players - 21st Century (Francois K Remix) (3:58)
582. William Orbit - The Story Of Light (6:17)
583. X Press 2 Feat. David Byrne - Lazy (4:57)
584. ybu - soul magic (4:43)
585. Yorgos Kazantzis - Sorocos (3:51)
586. Ypey - Without You (5:05)
587. Zeb - Sufism (4:58)
588. Zeb - The Seed (5:26)
589. Zero 7 - Distractions (Madlib's Ynq Remix) (3:46)

Prosze - oto moj chillout jesli ktos chce jeszcze ambient to tez moge wrzucic playliste

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Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
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